The Wedding Bells are Ringing for Reiley & Alice

House of RosieHouse of Rosie2
Rosie moved into Fertile Fields ~ a 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath family farm located at 180 Bounty Drive.

Reiley’s sister seems to be doing well for herself. A nice house and a good job (she followed in Grandma Nichol’s and Aunt Nikki’s footsteps, entering the field of Politics). May she also be lucky in love. Time (and Story Progression!) will tell.

Reiley is also doing well. He entered the Business field and was promoted at the end of his first day on the job. He decided to celebrate being a young adult who is going places by getting a…

Addy’s Note: It might not look like Reiley liked getting his tattoo, but he will find himself drawn to getting another and then another… courtesy of the Miscellaneous Fun roll for Tattoo Addict. LOL, poor Reiley.

Kayla took a break from writing books and invited her nephew Bobby over. He has turned into a nice young man.

Alice was gardening in the greenhouse and Bobby approached her to play the game “rock, paper, scissors”. For some unknown reason they had to come back inside the main house in order to play and I think Bobby got more than he expected when Alice pulled out her winning move…
Lizard for the win
Lizard for the win! LOL

Bobby consoled himself by going up and looking around the room his grandparents had. He must have felt really comfortable there.

By this time Reiley was home from work, bursting with good news. His boss, Freddie Broke, had once again showed his appreciation for all of Reiley’s hard work by handing him another promotion. Reiley is full of pride as he tells Alice about his promotion and decides to look at the stars with her.
Addy’s Note: Sometimes the little random wishes catch your eye and you just have to run with them LOL

Some of the softly falling snow look like hearts and in Reiley’s mind that is a sign. A sign for romance.

Reiley drops to one knee and with Grandpa Zach’s obvious blessing, he asks Alice to marry him.

She says… YES!!!

It is now Snowflake Day and the snow is really coming down. Cold days surely bring about thoughts of warmth (romance!) as Jeremey’s Dad, Aiden Jones, has gotten engaged to Denise Anthony. It is also a day for growth as Dorian Snyder-Parrott celebrates his birthday and is now ready to go to school with his big sister, Lynda.

Reiley and Alice want to continue the family tradition of getting married at the wedding chapel on a holiday day, but the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor wedding.

This calls for a slight change in plans. Alice walks with Kayla and asks if she would mind their moving the wedding inside.
Too Cold

Kayla: “Not at all. Nobody wants to see the bride shivering and the groom trying to discretely brush the ice and snow off of his face. You are marrying my son and I know you will continue to make him very happy, so where you get married isn’t as important as with whom. Welcome to our family, Alice! I’m thrilled to be getting another daughter.”

Alice smiles in relief and the two women quickly hug before heading inside to get warm and get ready.

Guests entertain themselves while waiting for the ceremony to start.
Before Ceremony Names

The ceremony was quite beautiful, even if the attendees refused to sit down. A couple of tourists were checking out the tombstones and came inside to get warm, but were unsure if they should stay to watch the unfamiliar wedding custom or quietly go back out the way they came in.  Kayla smiled and made them feel welcome. “My son is getting married today! Please stay and celebrate this special moment with us.”

Nikki: **sniff sniff** “Weddings always make me cry. Happy tears. Nothing but happy tears.” Wedding2

Her daughter, Lynda, must feel the same way.Wedding3

“With this ring, I thee wed.” “You are now husband and wife.” “You may kiss your bride.” With these words, every married Sim in the room relived their own wedding day and smiled at the wonderful memories.

Time seemed to stand still and the world receded into the background.

Everyone took a quick walk through the snow to the reception hall for cake.

This time the gift of music was provided by Jeremey’s sister, Monica.

Kayla and her sister enjoy talking about how lovely a couple Reiley and Alice are, how their families are growing up so fast, how Reiley needs more dancing lessons LOL

Then Kayla asks the one question that is on her mind.
Baby Question

Kayla: “I don’t know how to ask this, but at the Graduation Ceremony you seemed like you were pregnant again and now you look as amazing as ever. I didn’t see a notice for a baby shower or a birth announcement, so…” here Kayla starts stumbling over her words and Nikki with a sad, gentle smile rescues her little sister.

Nikki: “I thought I was too, but the timing simply wasn’t right to bring another Snyder-Parrott into our family. I’m fine. Really. I have three beautiful children who are growing up so fast so perhaps there will be wedding bells chiming for them someday soon.”

Addy’s Note: I’m not sure what happened because her outfit certainly indicated, at least to me, that she was in the family way at the Graduation ceremony, but no messages regarding a birth popped up. Perhaps she had gone to visit the Salon and received a makeover. Who knows?!

The wedding celebrations ended quite late so Reiley and his lovely new bride headed back to the house for a quiet night together. Kayla wrapped up the leftover cake and Jeremey helped her load the car before they too headed home.

The next morning…

Reiley tackled the breakfast dishes and wonders if Alice might like to go on a honeymoon. Grandpa Zach and Grandma Nichol were the only ones who have been outside of Riverview so perhaps a trip somewhere could be fun.

However, I think fate has something else in mind for the money Reiley set aside

Oh, yes. Alice definitely has a wonderful surprise to share with Reiley!

Congratulations, Reiley and Alice! Soon you will be parents!!
Congratulations, Kayla and Jeremey! Soon you will be grandparents!!

Speaking of surprises, Jeremey went to check the mail and was quite surprised to see this particular gift with the rest of the wedding gifts.
Wedding Gift

Story Progression Update:
Aiden marries Denise.
Johnnie has passed on. I think the Grim Reaper had enough of his delay tactics.
Monica Jones Jimenez gets engaged to Kain Crosby.
Ladybug, Johnnie’s dog, has also passed on. Time to play fetch and frolic in those endless fields of flowers.
Nikki is an Elder now and has opted to retire from the world of Politics.

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7 thoughts on “The Wedding Bells are Ringing for Reiley & Alice

    • Yes, I know… LOL The Story Progression mod is quick to have people form relationships in my game and since I am not really interested in breaking apart couples, I tend to grab available Sims quickly and get them married asap. Time is ticking and I’d like the kids to have a nice relationship with their family before members pass on. That’s just me having things nice in my virtual dollhouse.

  1. Your reception hall is so perfect, did you build it? Having read many legacies, and playing a non-official one now myself, quick weddings with children right away is not unusual at all. I love that look at the stars interaction, and am a big fan of sometimes going with Sims’ random wishes. It was so sweet how Alice was laying her head on her brother’s shoulder a bit in the one picture. What a beautiful proposal, in the snow, and with Granddad’s blessing.

    • tanubanue built that venue – it is called I Do Do You and is in her studio. It is lovely, isn’t it?! The looking at stars interaction is a fave of mine, too. I have been lucky thus far… I take tons of pictures and when something grabs my attention, I write about it. the rolls guide what I can do but the pictures tell the story 🙂

  2. That’s how I blog, too– I take a lot of pictures and then tell about the highlights. That’s a great way to say it, the rolls guide what you do but the pictures tell the story.

    • Yes, he did… finally. I was worried for a while that he would continue becoming a father and extending his stay. LOL
      Your reason makes sense, I’ll go with that 😉

      A new baby is always an exciting time! Boy? Girl? Name? Names?

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