The Renovacy Challenge


SamelaRita created an interesting challenge.
The Renovacy Challenge

Goal: Your sims find themselves in dilapidated living quarters and must renovate by the time the youngest child becomes an adult.

* Age set to Normal mode (each stage can be any # of days, but elder is set to 8).
* If you have Seasons installed, set each season to 7 days.
* No Money Cheats.
* The family starts with no money.
* No Adult can have a career or profession.
* Children can sell baked goods or lemonade, if you buy the oven and stand.
* Teens can have a part-time job.

To keep social services from investigating the state of your home, children must be grade A students as soon as possible and family relationships must be good.

Renovation Rules:
* All flooring and walls must be papered over ~ you can’t sell what’s already there.
* You can repaint things to make them look better ~ costs 25 simoleons per object and donations are made via the mailbox (sims with the Good Trait can do this).
* Everyone gets their own bedroom (spouses can share, and babies/toddlers can go in with someone else) with: bed, curtains, end table, lamp and extra item (dresser, desk, toybox, etc.).
* One toilet for every two sims.
* Bathroom minimum: one with a tub and another with a shower.
* Kitchen must have a fridge, stove, sink, 3 counter units, lighting, clock and décor.
* Dining room/area must have table, enough chairs for family plus a visitor, rug, lighting and two pictures.
* Living/Sitting area must have enough comfy seating for family, coffee table, two plants, lighting, two pictures and either stereo or television.
* You can sell the plants in the yard, but must spend the money on fences, walls or other plants.
* The yard needs to be fenced and gated (to keep the children safe).

House Rules:
* Aging set to 2 days for babies, 7 for toddlers and children, 14 for teens, 32 for young adult and adult, 8 for elder. Outside of elder stage, the rest follows the days set in my Snyder family legacy.
* Each child will focus on different money-making ventures.
* Family members must friend one another before children age into teens.
* Selling yard or household items incurs a 5% hauling fee (rounded up).

Will add, adjust or edit rules as needed.
SamelaRita wrote background stories for different scenarios to help simmers get started and all of them sound quite interesting! I’m looking forward to playing through a number of them (not all as I run a CC Free game) over time.

Here’s a handy dandy list linking to the one/s I am playing:
No Room for Phailure

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