The Birth of Reiley & Kayla Makes an Announcement

Kayla kept an eye on their new neighbors, Trigger & Rhoda Broke with their teen son Freddie, because she heard dogs… lots of dogs… and wanted to know if they were friendly ones. Rhoda and Dogs



Things return to normal after Kayla & Jeremey return home from the hospital.

Jeremey paints something to sell while he waits for Kayla to tell him what she needs for their next book collaboration. Jeremey Paints

Kayla continues working on the book that she had begun during her pregnancy, “Anna the Ant”.
The first in their A-to-Z animal series! Kayla Writes

Nichol relaxes after a long day at the office. Being a Politician isn’t easy. Nichol Relaxes


Zach enthusiastically claims Reiley time! Zach and ReileyBonding Between the Boys

Addy’s Notes: Zach is a wonderful father and grandfather! He often gets Reiley out of his crib before anyone else can and takes care of his needs. With this many in the house, I am not always on top of who needs to do what as I focus on getting Sims doing things that needs to be done in the way of accomplishing their particular generational goals/rolls. So nice to see a Sim doing what I’d hoped they would!

Nichol: “I think Kayla might be pregnant again.”
Zach: (looks down at his bowl) “I think we’ll need more milk, a lot more milk.”
(looks up and focuses on his wife) “Really? Are you sure?” Kayla Might Be Pregnant Again

Nichol: (with a smile in her voice) “Pretty sure. Kayla just passed by with a certain look in her eyes…”
(calmly returns to eating her mac n’ cheese) Kayla Might Be Pregnant2

A day or so later…
Jeremey just finished eating and was thinking about the laundry. It seems lately that Kayla had been adding more to the laundry basket.
Wait a moment, is that a new outfit he sees… Announcing Rosie

Kayla: “Jeremey dear, you know how much I wanted twins and was disappointed when it didn’t happen for us. I’m no longer sad.
We have a beautiful, bouncing baby boy AND… I’m pregnant!” Announcing Rosie2

Addy’s Notes: Since Kayla & Jeremey are destined to have 2 children, I thought it would be neat for them to have twins. Not enough points to purchase Fertility Treatment reward for either/both of them so that is why I had Zach give them the procreation elixirs at their wedding. Never having used them before I have to admit I have no idea how they work, nor what increases their potency. It wasn’t until the last day of her pregnancy that I recalled listening to kid’s music and watching kidz zone helps with multiples. Duh! Anyway single birth but it is okay, the timing made it a bit easier. I am not used to playing/caring for more than one baby at a time anyway.

Jeremey: (with a huge smile on his face) “Oh!
A girl or perhaps another boy.
Soon we will have two beautiful bundles of joy.” Announcing Rosie3

Story Progression Update:
Johnnie becomes an Elder.
Addy’s Note: *gasp!* He is OLDER than Zach & Nichol. A lot older. Nikki obviously prefers the May-December relationship. She will soon be on her own again as message pop-up let us know that their dog, Ladybug, is also an Elder. Poor Nikki.

Each SimDay I eagerly waited to see the message about Nikki & Johnnie adding to their family. They added all right – Johnnie adopted a dog. LOL

So I figured Story Progression didn’t like their odds. Probably hard for it to happen when they are never really together – one or the other will be at home at any given time if someone is home. With this Elder message, I sighed a little sigh and thought there will just be the two grandchildren for Zach & Nichol.

The very next day… message pop-up… Nikki is pregnant!
BOTH girls are pregnant so I shall have to wait & see who delivers first. So exciting!

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7 thoughts on “The Birth of Reiley & Kayla Makes an Announcement

  1. I just realized I took SP out of my game. My computer couldn’t handle it. However, since my upgrade, I should add it back in again. With a faster processor, an SSD, and more ram, it should handle it beautifully now. I like the idea of using SP to get the “news” around town.

    Congrats to Reiley & Kayla! Beautiful baby and more on the way. ❤

    • I thought so too! Must have been something in the water cooler that day 😉

      Zach was a wonderful Grandpa, often going in and picking up Reiley as soon as he got up in the mornings without any direction from me. So sweet to see!

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