Telling Their Story – part 3

And even more

Johnnie and Nikki seem to be quite happy together. No messages popping up regarding public arguments or worse. Whew! Waiting to see the one about them adding a bundle of joy to their household…

They adopt a dog and name her Ladybug. And we are still waiting…


TODAY is Kayla’s Birthday!!! Let’s have a family party 🙂

Kayla BDay

Yay! Johnnie finally came inside the house and was able to be a part of this special occasion

Kayla BDay2

And here is Kayla as a TEEN!!!

Kayla BDay3

Pretty girl!

Kayla BDay4

Still no word on a Snyder-Parrott offspring…

Kayla gets and keeps an A grade at school, works part-time at the Divasidero Budget Books, and decides she wants to have a boyfriend, too **coughoverachievercough**

The first boy she shows interest in is Ronald Lessen (son of Constance Shelley and Jon Lesson, married), but he is romantically interested in another – STRIKE ONE for Kayla. Then she meets Earl Dean (son of Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes and George Dean, married), but he too is romantically interested in another – STRIKE TWO for Kayla. Oh no! Is Kayla going to have a hard time finding someone because of Story Progression?

So Kayla flips through the high school yearbook and sees… Jeremey Jones. Jeremey Jones?! Could it be? That boy from elementary school? So she calls him up and after talking to him for a while, she takes the plunge and invites him over.

As soon as he arrived, interest between the two was quite obvious to anyone looking at them.

Kayla and Jeremey

Once Kayla learned that he IS single, she decided to be daring and invited him out on a date. Go Kayla!

1st Date

Hmmm… let’s hope Jeremey was talking about a book or movie and wasn’t actually wanting to see a ghost.
**light bulb goes on** Oh! Wait a second. Kayla is a safe driver! No tickets. Never out after curfew.
**thinks a bit more** Uh hunh… their used car HAS seen better days. Perhaps he is concerned about that.

Not sure where they went or what they talked about, but both seemed to truly enjoy being together.

And by the end of the date, Kayla found herself romantically involved. Pretty soon afterwards, he was often seen at their house and they began dating!

End of Date

“Our little girl is growing up, Zach” began Nichol. “This place has been a challenge for us to raise Nikki and Kayla. One bathroom, honey, is NOT enough.”

“I know, I know. I tried to figure out how we could renovate and expand our size, but even with us extending the main floor and eventually adding on a 2nd floor it still would be a challenge because then there wouldn’t be enough yard to do anything. No garden. No real room for my alchemy station. We would lose our single parking spot, too.” Zach replied. They looked at one another and almost said in unison, “We will need to move!” Both smiled.

It wasn’t long before they knew WHICH house they wanted, they just needed to find the perfect lot for it. Once they did, things were set into motion and soon the house was available for them! YAY!!!

Addy’s Note: Tanu & I discussed moving from our starter home and we each agreed to be allowed to take out a reasonable loan. I placed Vicmore Manor built by ciane in-game and had them take out a $65,000 loan (10%, 60 payments of $1,500 and the final one at $1,000). My goal is to have my Sims pay it off as quickly as they can while still affording living expenses like the bills, etc.

As you can probably guess, we aren’t 100% following the challenge. We are trying to follow the majority of the rules and continually look over them, then discuss/decide how we are handling new things as they happen. Trying to keep things fairly even between our two games without totally forgoing the challenge and most importantly… continuing to have a ton of FUN while we do it!

Here is their BEAUTIFUL new home!

Vicmore Manor is located at 45 Hidden Grove Lane
Addy’s Note: I was so busy playing and making progress with the Legacy that Winter arrived and I suddenly realized that there wasn’t a picture of the house on move-in day. Silly, forgetful Addy!

Prom Day!

Kayla asks Jeremey to be her date and… he said, YES!!! It is a lovely Fall day so… **fingers crossed**

Kayla Prom

Goodness! They really hammed it up for the camera. Who knew they would be so daring in their pose?

Zach shook his head. “Nikki doing something like this, yes I can see it. But Kayla…
**shakes his head with a smile that seems to be having a tough time keeping itself from turning into lots of laughter**

Nichol peers closely at the picture, “I think we are seeing the love between our girl and her “the one”, Zach. Thank goodness we found the perfect family home!”

Addy’s Note: Kayla followed in her big sister’s footsteps and was crowned Prom Queen also.

Kayla is a day away from aging and Story Progression is at it again! Jeremey Jones aged up to Young Adult. Time to get that young man over and ask him to move in.

No pictures, but you would have laughed to see Narrator Addy following all of this…

The next morning or was it the one after that, right BEFORE school, Kayla invites him over then talked and talked with Jeremey but no “Ask Sim to Move In” option appeared. Hmm, perhaps a teen isn’t allowed to make such a momentous decision. Enter Nichol. She started conversing with him… only to have to go to work. And off to school with Kayla. LOL Okay, Zach. YOUR turn. Don’t mess this up.

Whew! Success!!! He moved in and waited for Kayla to arrive home from school. The game had placed him in the Professional Sports career, but we all know that THAT isn’t in the cards for him. A quick phone call and he quit work before his 1st day started. Don’t like his LTW so will definitely need to earn points to fix that asap and will ignore accepting any wishes asking to do stuff related to it unless it benefits in another way. Going to be a long trek for Mister Jeremey. Yes, a long trek indeed.

Looking around in Jeremey’s personal stuff, we discover that he has been given the Naughty Reputation. Say what?! Besides dating Kayla, he has TWO romantic interests – Latisha Blackwell (teen) who IS with someone else & Kay Lin (young adult) who IS also with someone else. Ruh roh. Did Kayla’s pursuit cause this reputation “shifty shifty shift”? Thinking back I do recall that Story Progression has young and not-so-young Sims in and out of romantic interest faster than you can blink. Why the stories I could tell you about Ruby Broke WOULD have your eyes widening and your mouth dropping open in surprise. **Ahem** Way to get off track, Narrator Addy.

Time to get his relationship conundrum resolved BEFORE taking things to the next romantic level with Kayla. He invites Kay over and they immediately jump into the on-a-date status. No! No! No! So when he “Asks to Just Be Friends”, the date immediately ends and she tells him that it was the worst date ever before leaving. Bad Date moodlet. Okay. Next. He calls Latisha over as soon as school has ended and they start off in the on-an-outing/grouped status. His “Asks to Just Be Friends” immediately ends the outing and it was rated as bad, really bad or something along those lines. Bad Time Out moodlet. Sorry, Jeremey. That’s what happens when you try to juggle several balls at once instead of selecting an activity that only has one ball and working on your skills in a more evenly paced manner. LOL

While Jeremey is taking care of things from his past, Kayla arrives home and GUESS WHAT?! Narrator Addy had briefly forgotten in all the focus on the moving in business and sorting our Jeremey’s personal affairs, but it is her Birthday today!!! Talk about timing. No time for a birthday party, just a small cake and let’s get going to the next level.

Sorry. Narrator Addy is anxious to get a move on with things and apologizes again for lack of pictures.

The next day is…
Graduation Day!!!

Hmm…. there isn’t a diploma in Jeremey’s inventory so he didn’t graduate on his own. And… he didn’t get a message to go to City Hall after I had him all moved in. Hmm… indeed.

Kayla goes to graduate. Then Jeremey takes a look at City Hall and YES! The option is there for him, too. So time for both to go…

Graduate Kayla

Kayla graduated with Highest Honor, was Class Valedictorian and voted Most Likely to Write a Best-Seller.
Jeremey graduated with Merit and voted Most Likely to Get Married.
Congrats Grads!

And at this point I shall officially shift from Founders to Generation 2.


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10 thoughts on “Telling Their Story – part 3

  1. Here is my Story Progression story and now you will understand why I always so no. So I had this single gal living in a town and there were literally no single guys left for her to be matched with. So in game four in the morning, I go into edit town, make a male sim, move him into the house right next door and resume the game to finish letting her sleep. At six she goes over to meet him and finds out he is in a romantic relationship with someone!!! Say what???? After that, SP always got turned off!

    • That would be so annoying! Mine definitely doesn’t like townies being single because as soon as possible they’re in a relationship and widows/widowers find someone the day after their spouse passed on. Really?! There needs to be a way to prevent that happening while the mourn moodlet is triggered.

      The town that the Snyder family lives in is so populated that sometimes sims marry and can’t move in together. I’ve added a few houses, but try to keep some lots purposely empty because my own sims will need a place to go when I have to move them out.

      I wish I knew how to manage SP so I could turn off so-and-so gained a skill or got a promotion because I really don’t care about knowing all that.

  2. When Justine (beginning sim in my wishacy) went to uni, SP made a huge mess. I vowed if I ever went back to uni, SP would be turned off. It leaves little to no dating prospects. lol

      • I hate when that happens! One of my heirs had a hard time finding a prom date because SP quickly tosses available sims into relationships so she kept getting guys flirting with her that were already taken… I almost had her go on her own in order to be done with that nonsense.

      • See! Yes, that’s what I mean. lol It’s been a long time, but I feel like you can pick and choose which age group SP ignores when it comes to relationships, but don’t know for sure. I’m going to play around with it when it’s time to add it back in my game again.

      • I should play around with that as I keep seeing May-December relationships… nothing wrong with those, but there are too many of them at this time in my game. Certain things seem to come in waves with SP.

    • Yes, SP does some interesting things.

      It rather surprised me that Jeremey had TWO other interests besides Kayla because of their being high school sweethearts, but thankfully I took care of what he/the game wouldn’t do on their end.

      I am definitely a Hopeless Romantic when it comes to my sims! I want them together, I want them happy, I want them faithful.

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