Telling Their Story – part 2


As soon as Kayla grew into toddlerhood, the family spent an afternoon at the Winter Festival to celebrate this wonderful moment when Zach can once again spend hours in the children’s section at their local library and have similar memories such as those lovely afternoons of bonding with Nikki over a book.

Family w Nikki and Kayla

Zach and Nichol are kept very busy as there is still a lot to do with raising BOTH of their girls! Nikki might be a teen now with a part-time job at the Sunflower Spa, but there is still homework and learning to drive and prom and… **Zach runs off to check the stove** then there is Kayla with needing to learn to talk, walk and be toilet-trained as well as providing her access to books and educational toys… **Zach goes into full Freak Out stance, but that actually seems to call him down so he can stay focused on helping out, whew!**

Kayla follows in her sister’s footsteps and attends Ballet class after school. Looking back, Nikki liked the class well enough but for some unknown reason any picture from this time has vanished so there is only one Recital Day picture
Addy’s Note: Oops! I tended to be too busy watching/enjoying the family and often forgot to document their moments.

Kayla Ballet

Prom Day! Nikki didn’t have a date or a crush to attempt to dance with, she was busy with homework and a part-time job so she didn’t have time for a lot of outings with friends and therefore was totally surprised when she was crowned Prom Queen. Whether her classmates did it as a joke or were serious, we’ll never know.

Prom Day took place on a chilly Spring day so a lot of parents were surprised and teens were disappointed with the resulting pictures…

Nikki Prom

Addy’s Note: **shakes fist at Seasons EP** Nikki had actually saved her earnings and purchased a prom dress from the consignment store when they had their once-a-year sale, but no.. prom picture is of her in her OUTERWEAR!

Graduation Day!
Nikki is voted Most Artistic by her classmates and graduates with highest honors.

Graduate Nikki

Nikki finds a roommate and starts packing. One chapter ends and another one begins in her life.

Nikki's 1st House

Standard Poodle is a 2 bedroom/2 bath located at 1034 Cypress Lane

Nrass Story Progression is a wonder! So GLAD this Legacy asked for it to be put in our game!!!
Monday – Nikki graduates and then moves out
Tuesday – Nikki gets a job at City Hall (she is in the political career, just like her mom!); she also begins dating a guy named Melvin.

Meanwhile, back at the Snyder house…
Nichol arrived home from work and was heading into the kitchen to start preparing dinner when the words SKIPPING SCHOOL caught her attention and she quickly did an about face. Kayla introduced her classmate, Jeremey Jones, and let her concerned mom know that they had to write about their thoughts regarding skipping school. “Skipping school is bad. I would NEVER skip school! I plan to graduate at the top of my class and get a good job when I grow up,” boasted Kayla. When Nichol asked Jeremey what he thought, he eagerly responded that he wouldn’t want to skip either. Sounds like he was easily impressed by his new classmate. **spoilers**

HW with Jeremey

Time advances to Wednesday
Zach received a phone call that shook him to the core. Nikki is in tears. It has only been a couple of days since she moved out and her future seemed bright… a new house, new job and a guy, Melvin. “It’s Melvin,” she sobbed.

It turns out that Melvin, her roommate… her boyfriend was an ELDER named Melvin Taft… who has his girl crying.
“Say no more, Nikki. I’ll be right there!”
Dad to the rescue…

Zach had no idea what to expect when he arrived and waited for Nikki to answer the door. Certainly not this! Nikki was still wearing her graduation robes and sobbing her heart out. “It’s Melvin,” she wailed as she burst into tears again. Zach pulled her in for a big hug and told her to breathe and relax, tell him what the problem is and maybe together they can come up with a solution. “Oh, Daaaaaad. Melvin died last night. What am I going to do?”

Broken Hearted

“Nikki, my dear dear girl. You are young and just started a new journey on your life’s path. Yes, your heart hurts and my own hurts to see you in such pain **Zach’s own eyes tear up as he speaks** but I am sure Melvin would not want you to stop enjoying your life. He must have been attracted to you because of your youth and zest for life. Take all the time that you need to grieve and let those tears out. Then when you are ready, and only if you are ready, you might find yourself enjoying life again and possibly meet someone new. This someone will never replace what you had with Melvin, but could help remind you that you are beautiful and full of life and worth loving.” He pulls her in for another hug and they spend some time together with her telling him all about Melvin, her job, anything and everything that she could think of.

Broken Hearted2

All too soon their visit finishes and Zach heads home with a heavy heart. Arriving home, he pulls Nichol in for a big hug and then takes her by the hand to their bedroom and shares all the burdens currently weighing on their girl’s tender heart. They comfort each other and make plans to call and visit her as often as she wants them to.

Story Progression is at it again!
Wednesday (the day Zach visited a grieving Nikki) – Nikki finds time to meet and begin showing interest in Johnnie Parrott
Thursday – Their relationship develops & soon they are dating and getting more romantically involved
Friday – EARLY! We’re talking 1:39 A.M. SimTime. The message pops up that they have married!

Say What?! Zach and Nichol were denied the opportunity to meet the guy BEFORE this happens. No chance to go see the happy bride-to-be or meet her intended. I know the game doesn’t do bachelor/bachelorette parties for townies <== THAT would be a wonderful addition to their own party menu and what a neat thing to have one kick off after an engagement happens so you could attend one such event hosted by another Sim. Anyway, I digress.

Here is a picture of Nikki and Johnnie Snyder-Parrott’s house.

1st House for Nikki and Johnnie

Cyprus Villa is a 1bedroom/1bath located at 520 Pumpkin Valley Road

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6 thoughts on “Telling Their Story – part 2

    • Talk about whirlwind romance! With Nraas Story Progression, I noticed that few non-active sims stay single and some have revolving door relationships. Riverview apparently loves seeing the start of relationships since there are many of them. LOL

  1. Is this the game SP, or NRAAS’s SP? I turn off SP from NRAAS because it is a menace to my sanity. If I was playing a game like this, I would hop from house to house, yes cause I am a control freak like that.

    • Nraas SP. I ❤ the personality that it gives to our game, but like every system within this game it seems to go a bit overboard. If I didn't enjoy all the things that Generations adds to our game, I might be well tempted to remove it because I am super tired of the constant wishes to have a pillow fight with x. Really?! You don't know x sim very well but hey, a pillow fight might be the ticket to furthering your friendship. I think not.

      It HAS been tempting to hop into the other houses to see what relationships are like and if they have enough beds, but I refrain from doing so because if I started… I would be continually tempted to 'just check on things for a moment'. Because I know I am a control freak like that!

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