Telling Their Story – part 1

Pictures do indeed tell a story/capture a moment of time and some of them are quite lengthy in their telling LOL

Their 1st House!
Tish Cottage is an affordable 2 bedroom/1 bath located at 27 Lost Willow Road

Tish Cottage


From the moment Zach met Nichol and her sweet daughter, Nikki, he felt like he had always had them around as part of his life. It was as if they were destined to be together.



No matter how stressful his day was, reading to Nikki always calmed him down and made him smile.

Zach and Nikki


Even though Zach and Nichol worked hard in their respective careers, money was tight for quite some time. Zach grew vegetables and Nichol got creative with what they had on hand for their meals. Neither complained about what they lacked as they were too busy enjoying being together. Nichol felt blessed that she met Zach because he truly adored Nikki and made raising her all that much easier. Even though he would concern her with his need to check the stove, Nichol knows Zach has a good heart. He takes Nikki to the library and spends hours reading to her, he helps with toilet-training and for such a messy guy spends a lot of time washing the dishes… although that one time she caught him licking the plate clean… **shudders** All in all, each day they are together seems like a festival day filled with wonder and joy.

Family w Nikki


Life was busy, but never boring.

Zach saw some mysterious lights and simply “had” to investigate…

Alien Abduction!

Addy’s Note: I got concerned as Zach was slated to have one more child and they hadn’t gotten engaged/married/pregnant yet. Tanu can tell you all about my texts where I “freaked out” worrying that the game would mess up our plan of a biological heir! Whew! Zach didn’t experience an unexpected weight gain. Time to turn up the heat in the romance department!


**fast forward button**

Wedding Kiss2

Addy’s Note: **points to the previous post, Zach and Nichol’s Wedding Album, in case anyone is interested in this VERY special Love Day**


Apparently their Wedding Night gave them a wonderful souvenir…

Wedding Souvenir


Zach is more than okay with this. Two children, Nikki and either a younger brother or sister for her, seems like the right number for their family.

Wedding Souvenir2


It wasn’t long before it was time to welcome their little one into the family…

Baby is Coming!

Addy’s Note: I noticed that from this moment forward, Nichol always has a certain smile whenever she needs to check the mail, but tends to stand there daydreaming/walking down memory lane a bit too much so Zach limits her time out at the box. The wishes for “have another child” MUST be ignored!


Zach was almost late as he saw a doctor leaving the hospital and was going to “assist” the good doctor in returning to the hospital as his wife was having their baby! Fortunately, he saw the id tag with the department of Geriatrics and knew well enough to smile a quick greeting and quickly did the walk/run to where Nichol was being wheeled into the delivery room.



Welcome to the Snyder family, baby Kayla!

Baby Kayla


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4 thoughts on “Telling Their Story – part 1

    • I know! With my limit of being allowed just two children this gen (with one being the step-sibling), an alien birth could have messed things up in the gene department since this baby is the heir. Tanu and I were trying to see how far the genes would travel from Zach & Nichol on down the line.

      Maybe a future set of rolls might result in an alien baby. It all depends upon the rolls and the fate dropped by the game 😉

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