SV Daycare 9

Looking back: SVD 8

Another beautiful day! The sun is shining, the weather is nice. Charles wakes with a spring in his step.


The mail arrives while he is getting dressed.


With a quiet sigh, Charles pulls out the paperwork for Jerri Alaniz because yet another person is dropping her off. Jonathon Alvarado.


For those curious, this family is not living in any of the houses. I carefully searched house by house via Edit Town and couldn’t find them at all. Maybe they live outside the city limits.


The three toddlers have different but equally urgent needs that must be taken care of. Jerri arrives in a dirty diaper, Sandi is starving and Sam is starving but for company, not food. These poor kids!


Once their immediate needs are satisfied, Sam and Sandi use the Potty while Charles works with teaching Jerri How to Walk.


It’s going to take a while.


The mood bar is showing great but a few seconds later, Jerri begins crying for no apparent reason. Poor girl. The lack of a regular routine at home must be at odds with the one Charles is trying to maintain here.


He got compliments for Sam and Jerri but not Sandi. Odd.


What?! Somehow in the blink of an eye, Sandi dropped from great mood to good. Not only did he not get a compliment, he was also dinged in pay. 30 Simoleons. OUCH!


No longer surprised by Jerri’s situation, Charles pulls out the paperwork when Charissa Colon arrives to collect her. Molly is looking rather elegant so perhaps the Bistro is having a special event. Leighton looks down at his work uniform and shrugs with a smile when he catches Charles’ eye.


A little later …
“Is my refrigerator running? Child, that joke is older than you are!” Several giggles erupt as the phone on the other end is quickly disconnected.


A bit of housework will do wonders in working out the day’s irritations. He can wash, scrub and mop with vigor.


A tired but happier sim heads off to bed.


Charles dreams of a clean home and learning activities but the addition of kid music has him tossing and turning. He hears the tunes plenty during the day and doesn’t want them stuck in his head!

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 10

10 thoughts on “SV Daycare 9

  1. I think these people are just townies, so they are a hidden family like aliens, mermaids, etc. If you have Master Controller you can click on Charles, select “make active”, and you should get a drop down list of everyone in your town.

  2. At least the game created a family for you to have another child to watch, even if they didn’t move them in. There probably wasn’t a cheap enough place with a crib and beds for all. Sorry Sandi’s mood dropped out of the great zone.

    • I’m glad the game did … Jerri is a cute toddler!
      Maybe not. I know there are empty houses but they might not be affordable.

      Me too, but I like how these unexpected things add to the story. It might get boring if things were always picture perfect.

    • I agree. They come in with super low needs and it’s a real juggling act to get anything done. Still unsure as to what is going on with Jerri and her home life. But it seems chaotic!

  3. Charles does have his work cut out for him!! I guess, since the parents are in a hurry to get to their jobs, they leave a lot of the basic child care needs to the daycare to manage.. It is wonderful that Charles is such a caring caregiver!

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