SV Daycare 8

Looking back: SVD 7

“Good Morning, love! It’s going to get really busy starting today with THREE kids on the schedule. I am familiar with the first two but the third is a complete mystery (the name left in the phone message wasn’t clear) … I do hope he or she is as easy to care for as the other two have been.”


I will say this: the third one is prompt! I like that. Rusty Dale is first in line to drop off Jerri Alaniz. He quickly fills in the necessary paperwork before scooting out the door.


First things first … food! Charles still can’t believe how sims will drop off starving little ones and not say a word. Thankfully, City Hall has a program that offers a weekly stipend to offset these additional expenses.


Then it’s time to make the rounds. Diaper duty (or clean pull-ups for those already potty trained) followed by hand washing and then personal attention. Repeat, repeat.


After a midday snack, Charles works on teaching Sandi and Sam “How to Talk” and also begins teaching Jerri “How to Use the Potty Chair”.


The day flies by. Before he knows it, the parents/guardian arrive. Rhiannon Sumner (guardian? sibling? relative?) is on hand to get Jerri. Charles adds her name to the list of authorized people after thoroughly checking her identification and seeing the same address as the one Jerri has.


He appreciates their kind words.


He appreciates being able to give great progress reports even more!


A long day at work means few activities before calling it a night. Charles doesn’t mind as it gives him a three-day weekend each week in order to catch up on sleep and other things.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 9

10 thoughts on “SV Daycare 8

  1. I’m so glad that Charles was able to meet the challenge of having an additional child so admirably and efficiently!! Overall a much better day!

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