SV Daycare 7

Looking back: SVD 6

Perhaps Fiona got the message because Molly is the one dropping Sandi off today.


Sam is one happy little guy and Charles enjoys making him laugh.


While Sam is busy playing, Charles continues teaching Sandi how to walk. Seeing her take those unassisted steps makes him feel happy and proud at the same time.


Now it’s your turn, Sam!


Charles takes a small break while the kids are happily playing in the playpen to check the mail. “Oh, no. Not again!” He decides to stop checking while he’s working because this is too distracting and the kids are his number one priority!


Later in the afternoon, he takes the toddlers outside to see different things while enjoying the fresh air.

Charles gets a text notification letting him know that Sandi will be staying later today.


Leighton arrives on time and compliments Charles on a job well done. Instead of telling him that Sam learned how to walk, he says “Sam has a nice surprise to show you when you get home.” because he thinks showing this skill is better than telling.


“Okay, Miss Sandi, time for dinner.”


Molly arrives around 8:30 full of apologies for being late and slips a check into his hand while thanking him for taking such good care of her daughter.


This is a sign that Charles is in the right place and at the right time.

This, too.


A long but good day followed by taking care of all the things that need doing has Charles going to bed quite late. He sets the alarm so he won’t oversleep.

That would be bad for business.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 8

8 thoughts on “SV Daycare 7

  1. So, we find out how well he can do with time management. Luckily these two have some training already, so they’ll not need as much. Tickle, put in high chair, feed… repeat… change diaper, put on potty…tickle some more… snack on an apple… go to the bathroom… repeat!

    • Yes, we will 🙂
      Or more accurately … how good I am at directing him. LOL

      Thanks for the tips! Wish I had known this before playing ahead but it is definitely something to keep in mind for the next work day!!

  2. Another love letter? Isn’t Judy Bunch married? I don’t really know her (Judy Bunch’s) story too well, but when I built a park last year her husband was with one of the children when testing my lot.. Anyways, Charles is handling everything admirably! Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

    • Yes, she’s married. They have 4 kids, I think. I don’t like how the attraction systems works because it is either feast or famine plus I don’t like married sims or those in a serious relationship to be “exploring their options”.

      Charles is such a fun sim to play! I ❤ him!!

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