SV Daycare 6

Looking back: SVD 5

Once again, Charles notices the carrier slamming mail down on the porch before stomping off. He waits until she has left before venturing out to collect the letter from the ground as well as what was placed inside the box itself. Hmm … could it be that she’s unhappy about having to deliver love letters?

Charles isn’t keen on getting them and can only imagine how much trouble they cause for others but never considered the carrier’s position in the matter before. This is certainly something to think about.


Judy calls to ask for advice (a bit odd since she doesn’t have a little one that Charles know of) but he patiently answers all of her questions before having breakfast. When Fiona arrives to drop off Sandi, Charles keeps busy with Sam so he doesn’t have to make eye contact and breathes a sigh of relief when she leaves a few minutes later.


Charles finds way to mix up the day and includes teaching moments as well as basic care. Time for these two to start learning how to walk!


He takes care to include enough quiet moments so he and the kids don’t get cranky from being overly tired.


The day went well. Charles appreciates the feedback he’s getting because it lets him know he’s doing things right.


SIGH This is one of Charles’ least favorite chores. Looking into finding how to keep them clean longer might be a good idea!


Charles just sat down to dinner when his phone rang. “No … I do not want a hot tub. Thank you for the offer but please remove this number from your call list! Good day.”


Or more accurately, good night.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 7

11 thoughts on “SV Daycare 6

  1. Just read through this – it’s a great concept, really well executed! Charles is endearing with his prim politeness.
    And all those love letters: lucky man! Too soon though, maybe. Although I am kind of shipping him with the passive-aggressive mail carrier – pun totally intended.

    • Thank YOU for your kind words! Jessabeans made a gorgeous daycare!! I play and take pictures then let those pictures tell the story.

      He’s the first proper sim I’ve played so it’s been interesting trying to figure out how that trait would affect things.

      I know!! If he wasn’t a newly widowed sim, he might be flattered by those letters but not now. Although he might be turned off by forward/fast females.

      Ooh, interesting thought. I hadn’t considered that particular ship and might have to see if they’re compatible đŸ˜‰

  2. Just like real life, unwanted telemarketers happen in the Sims as well! I’m glad business is picking up again for Charles! It seems the town ladies would like to get to know Charles betters.. It is wise of Charles to keep things from getting complicated..

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