SV Daycare 4

Looking back: SVD 3

Charles woke and took a moment to recall the thoughts that filled his dreams. He wondered if he could plan enough enrichment activities to keep the two toddlers engaged and happy while they learned.


As he ate breakfast and looked out into the backyard, he realized that it would be a second day where outdoor activities are not a viable option.


The rain lightened enough that he could hear noise on the front porch so Charles went to investigate. Seeing the mail carrier, he steps outside to make her acquaintance but isn’t successful in capturing her attention. He collects the mail and makes the unhappy discovery of finding another set of bills awaiting him.

This is the first time I’ve had a sim receive TWO sets of bills in the same week! I hope this is an irregularity or I might have to resort to money cheats since there will be no way for his income to meet expenses. Poor Charles! Hmm … perhaps I was confusing Sims 4 bills with Sims 3. Oh, dear!


9 a.m. came and went without any arrivals. By 10:30, he stopped hovering by the windows and went about his business doing chores but keeping his phone with him in case anyone calls to say they’re running late.


Tending garden in the rain was not Charles’ idea of fun. He finished as soon as he could and took a nice long hot bath.

By 3 p.m., he had a fairly good idea that no drop-offs would be happen this day. The weather outside seemed to match his mood at this point.


While doing laundry, Charles tries to think of ways to ensure he has a steady flow of business and attract new customers … good weather or bad.


Nothing seems quite right and he thinks it’s probably because no clients showed up with kids in tow. He calls his good friend, Judy, to see if she can shed any light on this puzzling situation.

Judy reassures him that a new business requiring repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising takes time to build up and to try not to worry too much. It’s early days yet!


The rain stops around 6:30 (figures!) and when the clock chimes 7, Charles turns the open sign around to closed and locks the front door before heading outside to enjoy the solitude of the night.

“I wish you were here, love. You would know what to do!”


Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 5

11 thoughts on “SV Daycare 4

    • I know!! The build is gorgeous and has everything a daycare or a growing family needs but … is not good for a single sim with a low-income job! Good thing I am not playing a challenge and having to follow rules 😉

    • Really? This was a first for me/my sim.

      The toddlers didn’t age up. Essentially, my game glitched and I moved things into a new game folder in order to get it working again. I will be writing about this over the next two chapters. I combined pictures from both “versions” that turns the negative (glitch) into a positive (story). 🙂

  1. Poor Charles! Starting something big can be hard at first.
    Bills are usually twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, as Ciane says. There’s always the ‘No Bills Ever’ LTR is you aren’t opposed to it.

    • It is! He is definitely learning the ropes as he goes.

      Hmm … I wonder if it’s a matter of me forgetting that bills arrive more frequently in 3 than they do in 4. I shall have to pay attention to both from now on, lol

      My sims usually get that LTR as soon as they can afford it or I get annoyed and give it to them. With the Sunflower plant dropping sunshine that is $100 each, I’m not worried about him being able to pay his bills.

  2. Gee, that is so unexpected after being so successful the day before! Charles must really be wondering.. Definitely, want to know if this is just a fluke or if there is someone sabotaging Charles..

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