SV Daycare 3

Looking back: SV Daycare 2

“The sun is shining, the birds are chirping … this is bound to be a good day!”, Charles thinks while making the bed.


Over breakfast, he reads the newspaper and is surprised, pleasantly surprised, to see another birth announcement. “Karen definitely knew what she was doing when she chose to build her daycare here in Sunset Valley!”


Charles takes care of the garden and pays the bills. “$522 simoleons might not seem high to some but it will certainly dwindle our … erm, my … checkbook without a steady income coming in.”


He tries calling the Langerak house again and is glad when someone answers. He introduces himself and arranges a time to stop by.

Their home is large and he takes care not to be caught staring with his mouth open as he heads up the walkway to ring the doorbell. It’s an interesting shade of pink and definitely stands out from the other houses in this neighborhood. Mrs Langerak greets him and invites Charles inside … only to lead the way into their kitchen and begins pointing out the various fixtures. As soon as he politely can, he gently but firmly lets her know that he is not the decorator but a friend of her neighbor, Judy Bunch.


A short while later, he receives an incoming message and politely excuses himself so he can take a quick peek. It’s City Hall! Charles thanks Mrs Langerak for her time and apologizes for having to leave but he has business he must attend to.

Stepping outside, he breathes a sigh of relief and listens carefully to the message.

The business permit has been approved, pending signature, and the documents have been sent to his email. Charles heads over to the library and spends a few minutes carefully reading them before electronically signing and sending them on their way. A short while later he receives the call that he has been hoping for … the Cameron Childcare Center (although in his mind is will always be Karen’s Kids) is now officially in business!


Charles prints a small stack of flyers (after adding the permit number in the spot he had previously left blank), planning to get permission to display them at the grocery store, bookstore and spa as well as at the library.

He then meets Mr Landgraab, a prominent member of the Community, who graciously takes a few flyers to display at his work.


The next morning …

“Cameron Childcare Center. How may I help you today?” Arrangements are made for Sam Sekemoto (father: Leighton) and then a few minutes later for Sandi French (mother: Molly). Both arrive promptly at 9 a.m.


A quick look outside reveals that there will not be any outdoor activities today.


Sandi arrives hungry and Sam needs a bit of fun. Two bottles and several diaper changes later, Charles is able to focus on playtime with the two toddlers. He also works on teaching both how to use the potty chair.


He grabs an apple to stave off hunger since there really isn’t time to grab a plate with two active toddlers on the premises. Charles silently wonders how parents with twins can get anything done.

7 p.m. arrives before he knows it and Leighton is prompt in picking up his son. Charles is pleased to see this as he gives another bottle to Sandi before briefly chatting with Leighton to give him the day’s progress report.




Charles is beginning to get a little concerned as his call to Molly went unanswered and straight to voicemail.

At 7:40 a slightly harried lady rushes in. Her name is Fiona McIrish and she’s here to get Sandi. Her name is on the list for adults allowed to pick up so Charles hands Sandi over with a smile before sharing the day’s progress report.


Charles does a few mental calculations. Sam was there for 10 hours and Sandi was there for almost 11 hours. He made $9 an hour taking care of Sam but less than $9 an hour for Sandi since there wasn’t an arrangement made regarding late fees.


Before he can head upstairs, Charles thoroughly scrubs each potty chair before spraying them with disinfectant. Ewww! Charles can barely keep himself from gagging over the smell. He might need to buy a few scented candles to burn after hours. A little later, this weary fellow drags himself off to bed and his mumble of “good night, love” is barely recognizable as he quickly falls asleep.


Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 4

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