SV Daycare 23

Looking back: SVD 22

It’s interesting when dreams of more than one sim are in sync.


Becky tells Charles their friendship means a lot to her and she’s a better person because of it.


Charles and Becky are slightly nervous because … one of the prominent families in town, Alto, have signed up for their services.

Soon they’re handling each situation that arises and are too busy to be nervous.


Charles checks the mail when there’s time to take a quick breather and is pleased at the contents of this package.


Then it’s back into the fray they go!

Dmitri is a quick learner and has quickly masters how to use the potty. Hooray! His parents will certainly be pleased.


Charles and Becky make sure to offer plenty of love and attention to all three toddlers.


Charles receives word that JJ will be staying late.


Kelli and Dmitri are having fun while learning new things!


The day was a good one and they receive several lovely compliments!


Gunther tucked a few simoleons in with his regular payment to show appreciation for them letting JJ stay late. It was a really nice gesture but isn’t enough to soothe Charles’ upset mood in regards to the older children.

Addy’s Note: Charles helped Jerri finish her homework but there wasn’t time for her to do anything else. Benny spent his time walking from front yard to backyard and back, carrying his homework but not sitting down and actually starting it.

But all that fades into the background because …

It was enough to earn the promotion. Charles reached the TOP of the daycare career!!


His reward is rather cute!

After driving around town and having a good think, Charles arrives home and lets the others know what’s on his mind and asks for their input.


A few days later …

Charles takes Becky to the diner for breakfast after they see Topher off to school.

Then they go to the museum where Charles asks if she’s given any thought to what he asked her.

Becky has. She’d like to pursue her dream of writing songs, which Charles applauds. As for him, he’d like to have a family of his own after he’s made more of an impact with the future generations of Sunset Valley.


Later that day …

Charles shows Willow Myles around the center. He’s pleased at her initiative to clean up toys and her clever ideas for incorporating technology into the curriculum for the older children.

Addy’s Note: Willow was created by my good friend, BreeMiles, and is not in her studio at this time.


They go outside after a thorough walkthrough of the center and continue their conversation on the playground.

After dinner, the three adults further discuss all the fine details and Becky helps keep Charles on track as she silently wonder where his mind is wandering.

Everything is written out and then signed. It’s official! Charles has sold the daycare to Willow! She’s going to do an excellent job!!

Charles has enjoyed his time running the center but would like to be a positive role model for more children. He’s going to teach at the local school!


Between his savings and income from selling the center, Charles has enough money to move to a new home.


Remember when he had a private chat with Topher?

He asked Topher for permission to …

Charles proposed at the spot where they first met.

“We can get married at City Hall or have the wedding of your dreams.”

“Silly man! I don’t want to wait. All that matters to me is right here, right now.” And they held a private ceremony with Topher and a couple of wild horses as their witnesses.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cameron!


Charles wasn’t sure what to do with his wedding pictures and Becky quickly solved that little dilemma. “Your past helped make you into the sim I grew to love. Your past and our future belong together.” She says as they hang both sets of pictures in their bedroom.


The daycare story is done but they are beginning to “write” their own story together.

~* THE END *~

13 thoughts on “SV Daycare 23

  1. What a charming story!! I love the ending!! I like the character (Willow Miles) that Bree created, so now Willow has some big shoes to fill, being the new owner! I am glad that Charles and Becky got married! They are certainly more than prepared to have children of their own!!

    • Thank YOU!! Glad the ending hit the right note with you and the other readers. that means a lot to me.

      I didn’t intend for Becky to become a romantic interest but when Charles got the wish to kiss her, I went hmm & privately asked a few people what they thought of the possibility and the response was an overwhelming yes lol

      I think they’re going to be great parents!!

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