SV Daycare 22

Looking back: SVD 21

Charles hears the mailbox opening and closing as he’s making his way downstairs. “Goodness! The mailbox is full today!”

There’s a love letter to Charles from Iliana. Oh, dear! There’s also a letter to Becky from Jack. Oh my! Charles hopes she’s not also being pursued by a married sim.

There are also letters and gifts of appreciation from the families of Jerri Alaniz and JJ Goth. How nice!


No time to dawdle, there are toddlers to take care of!


The weather is nice, not too hot or cold, so Charles and Becky add outdoor activities to the schedule.

Charles is invited to a party but declines in case he’s asked to stay late with a child.

JJ learns how to talk. Hooray! His parents will be pleased.


Jerri arrives and greets Charles with her homework booklet. What a nice, responsible young lady!


Charles rejoins Becky and the toddlers outside. The boys are sleeping in the swings as she softly plays lullabies on her guitar. How sweet! Kelli isn’t tired so he starts reading Bluish Eggs with a Side of Pastrami to her.


Once again, Darlene strolls through the gate at 5:30. This doesn’t give much time for homework so Charles offers to help.

She didn’t glitch this time, but is unable to finish her homework before it’s time to go home.


Charles and Becky receive several nice compliments regarding the care they provide.

The End of Day Report is pretty good.


After dinner, Becky excuses herself in order to play guitar a little bit more and Charles sees this as the perfect time to talk to Topher about a few things.


A little later …

Topher asks his mom about his grandparents. They have a nice conversation while trying to ignore the paparazzi who won’t take the hint & leave.


Charles gets a text that makes him smile: Benny celebrated a birthday. Happy Birthday, Benny!


At bedtime, another text makes him smile even bigger: Darlene also celebrated a birthday and no longer needs the daycare service. HOORAY!!

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 23

9 thoughts on “SV Daycare 22

  1. It’s awesome that Darlene moves on leaves a possible spot for Benny to move into. Two can certainly care for the tots much better than one, and it’s nice that Becky can add some nice entertainment as well. Great chapter.

    • Thank YOU! Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      I admit to being quite happy when Darlene aged up. {grins} She made it hard to keep on track and I’m sure she is the Sim the game made into the “difficult” child for the daycare career. Becky is fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I love her.

  2. I guess Jack and Judy Bunch are bored with their marriage or just don’t care.. Maybe they just stayed together for their children.. Charles finally gets to see a few of the children that started when he opened the nursery already grown, which means it has been a while since he opened and his late wife died.. I hope he finally decides on Becky…

    • Interesting thoughts on the Bunch family dynamic. I loved seeing some of Charles’ prior kiddos return when they’re older ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the way you think … their aging means that time has passed and Charles can reach the point where his loss isn’t fresh on his mind.

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