SV Daycare 21

Looking back: SVD 20

Topher heads off to school while Charles and Becky tend the garden.


Becky offers to finish so Charles can be on hand to greet the arrivals. It breaks Charles’ heart to see the state they’re in (terribly lonely, starved and super stinky!).


Once the immediate needs are taken care of, they can work on building skills.


Becky is proud of Topher’s academic accomplishment: he made it onto the honor roll!


Can you guess who this is?

If you guessed Jerri Alaniz, you are correct!
Happy Birthday, Jerri!


Charles makes sure Jerri finishes her homework before she starts playing.


School lets out at 3 but Darlene comes strolling through the gate around 5:30. Charles is quick to help her with her homework.


Charles gets notice that Kelli will be staying late.

A little later …

They receive several nice compliments from the parents as the kids are being picked up.


Kelli learned how to talk. Hooray!


Claire arrives around 8:30 to pick up her daughter. Charles and Becky receive a nice compliment regarding her care.


Overall the day went well and the extra pay for staying late is appreciated.

Addy’s Note: As soon as homework was done, there was a script error and Nraas sent Darlene home … resulting in the game not acknowledging her homework progress. A bit annoying.


The late day at work meant little time to get things done before bed.


Charles might not be so relaxed if he knew that a classmate of Topher’s is sleeping in the treehouse and the paparazzi entered the backyard (again!) in order to sleep in the rocking chair.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 22

9 thoughts on “SV Daycare 21

      • I honestly don’t know anything other than she is the only one who arrived late each time she came. Wish I knew for sure if it was my game or not. But we’ll just say she’s a special snowflake, lol

  1. Jerri is so pretty. She really has the look of her mom and I love her eyes! Those after school activities keep some kids late. So it’s always challenging to get their homework done. It’s too bad NRaas thought she was idle too long. Weird! Otherwise, it looks like things are going well. Even strangers want to stay there.

    • I agree, Jerri is a cute child and takes after her mom πŸ™‚

      I wondered if Darlene was enrolled in any but wasn’t sure how to check. but it could have been my game throwing a curve ball at Charles, ha ha

      That’s a nice way to think about it … it’s so pleasant here, even strangers want to stop and stay for a while.

  2. Busy, busy! It’s nice that Charles got a little time to relax! Good thing he didn’t notice what was going on outside the house… Great story!

    • Yes, they are. I’m glad he could too. Charles needs to recharge his battery so he can fully handle as well as appreciate each day! Thank YOU πŸ™‚ Glad you’re enjoying it.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jerri! Aww Did Topher forget that he had invited Skip for a sleepover? Did Skip tire out while playing? Leif is a little creepy hanging around a daycare center like that, he might have better luck at the bars. Charles days are fulfilling but so draining, I hope he gets some proper time off again.

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