SV Daycare 20

Looking back: SVD 19

Rise and shine, sleepyhead. Time to get out of bed.

Poor Topher didn’t sleep well (uncomfortable bed) and is definitely dragging his feet as he walks to the school bus.


The new promotion means that school-age children can come in the afternoon. It’s nice to be given a little warning!


Drop off is usually quite chaotic but not so much so that they don’t notice a new face. Becky collects Tameka’s contact information before she scoots out the door.


Morning needs are taken care of so Charles and Becky work on teaching Kelli and JJ how to walk. It’s all new to Kelli but JJ quickly picks up where they last left off at and is walking in no time. Hooray!


They take a break from life skills and take turns giving individualized attention. Lots of attention!


Charles receives notice that Kelli will be staying late. he doesn’t mind as that gives him a chance to finish teaching her how to walk. Hooray!


The day went well for most of them.

All except for Darlene. The extra pay for Kelli is greatly appreciated because it covers the extra hour of her care as well as the loss of income due to Darlene.

Addy’s Note: Ugh! Darlene came well after the time that Topher arrived home (he was done with his homework) and by the time Charles set down the toddler he was playing with, she had gone upstairs. At that point there were ZERO interactions available (even Nraas was greyed out). I could have re-played part of the day in the hopes of getting it to go better but was already frustrated by the game resetting both Becky and Charles while in mid-action (quit without saving & re-played the entire day over!). So what did Darlene do? Stand around, doing nothing for a few hours until it was time to slide down the bannister and leave. BIG Sigh.


Becky can see that Charles is a bit disappointed with how the day went and suggests they go out for dinner. “We can toss around ideas regarding what we can do for older children since we already have a good grasp of the younger sim needs.”

A delicious dinner and good conversation is all that’s needed for Becky’s Fame “star” to start shining.


Charles gazes at Becky and looks away a few times before she decides to take control of the situation.

“You like me or at least I think you do and I like you … a lot. So you can kiss me if you w—”

Charles throws caution to the wind and …

Then looks away as soon as his feet touch the earth and he realizes what he’s done.

Becky touches her lips and whispers, “Wow!”

Then she gathers her courage and lets him know that if he would rather things stop there, she understands. She’d be disappointed but understands the difficulty in moving on after losing a loved one.

Charles looks at her, silently, for a few long minutes and then gives a brief smile.

“I want to take things slow and see how it goes but am not one to dally with a lady’s affections. We should go on dates both alone and with Topher since he has a say in our relationship, too.”

Then, being the gentleman that he is … Charles takes her home and says goodnight outside her bedroom door.


This is the first time in a long time that Charles has not dreamed of broken hearts and loss.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 21

6 thoughts on “SV Daycare 20

  1. Awesome relationship continuation with dreams of the new romance! From reading another day care story on the forums, I know that you rush to the kids as soon as possible and tell them to do their homework. This is apparently why that rush is so important. Some kids will immediately settle down to their homework without guidance. Others need to be told. Great chapter.

    • Thanks, ciane!
      I’ve discovered that as well and all but Darlene Bunch arrive after school lets out. Hard to gauge when she would get there so of course he’d be holding a toddler when she did. Just a little something else to add to Charles’ story, ha ha

  2. I think the day went well over all at the daycare, most of the reviews were excellent.. Charles just has to get more practice with the older children.. I think it is cute the way Charles and Becky are starting to get romantic.. I like that Charles wants to take things slow.. He is a very charming Sim!

    • I think so too. Being able to handle older kids is a plus, especially since Topher is around and will need all the help he can get when he reaches teenage years. Glad you enjoyed the slower pace! I honestly couldn’t see Charles going any faster than he is. I agree … I just love this Sim!!

  3. With older kids, I tried to direct them to do their homework as soon as I could. ‘Troubled’ kids will come directly in and try to break or vandalize something so there was a couple of heart to hearts in puddles by the washing machine before the kid’s behavior improved. I don’t know if Darlene got stuck looking for something to break or if something else went wrong. It’s a shame the daycare system is so buggy, it looks like it could have been a great career option for stay at home sim parents.

    Also, aww.

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