SV Daycare 2

Looking Back: SV Daycare 1

Charles tosses and turns throughout the evening. He is more comfortable working with school-age children and hopes he’ll be able to handle any infants that are placed under his care.


He wakes and gives himself a quick pep talk after his morning stretches. “Charles, my boy, you can do this! Karen and the kids are counting on you.”


As he’s ending his call to check on the status of his permit, Charles hears a thud coming from outside. He can’t help but wonder “What in the world is that?”

He quietly goes downstairs and checks the security cameras. This is what he sees:

He observes the mail carrier slamming the mail down on the porch instead of placing it in the mailbox. Charles is stunned! He’s never met her before and is sure he hasn’t done anything that could possibly cause offense. He can’t decide whether he should call and speak to a supervisor or leave things alone and see if they improve over time. “Perhaps she’s had a bad morning and simply took it out on my letters?”

Charles takes care of the garden and does a few chores. As soon as he finishes loading the dishwasher, he notices the time and can’t believe it is mid-afternoon already. “Where has the day gone?”


** ring ring **

“Hello? Cameron Residence, how may I help you?” Judy Bunch calls to let Charles know that her neighbors, the Langerak family, might need daycare services and gives him their information. He thanks her and they briefly chat before ending the call.

He calls but there is no answer.


Charles heads over to Central Park since the radio advertises the Summer Festival being in town for a few days. He hopes to do a little bit more networking and meets a few sims as well as the newest Bunch member, a cat named Georgie.


While meeting June Marsh, the oddest thing happens. She shakes hands and then runs off. Charles hopes he didn’t say anything wrong but notices the vendors have shut down their booths for the day. Perhaps that’s the reason for Miss Marsh running off like she did.


Charles sees several ladybugs and wants to catch a couple of them because he’s heard they are beneficial insects in the garden.


He then sees lights still on at the Papyrus Memorial Library and decides to stop by before heading home. One of the first thing he sees is the Community Bulletin Board and mentally plans to make a flyer or business card (or both!) to pin up here.


Charles heads home and places the ladybug container on the ground near his plants. He removes the lid so that the two insects he caught are free to roam around and do their thing.


Later on …

While he is brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed, Charles remembers something he forgot to do earlier in the day. He throws on a robe and quickly collects the small pile without looking around and risking making eye contact with anyone. “Thank goodness nobody saw me. That would have been an embarrassing way to meet my neighbors!”


Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 3

18 thoughts on “SV Daycare 2

      • Oh boo, I’m sorry! I’ve never had problems with the mailbox on the porch while play-testing, but I haven’t tried it on a lot after moving it to the lot bin. I will try it next time I load the game to see if it’s like that for me too.

      • No need to apologize! I think it makes for interesting story-telling on my part, lol

        I get this periodically with that same mail carrier in other games so perhaps it is something in her personality? These Sims! πŸ˜‰

      • I tested it in Riverview and Wang Lum, sorry I just had to call him by name, delivered it to the mailbox. So I don’t know if the Sunset Valley carrier is wearing her grumpy pants or if it’s something else strange. Charles may want to move it anyway. I was bored waiting for the mail to arrive the next day and spawned some trick or treaters to visit while I waited. They wanted to stand where the mailbox was on the porch for my sim to open the door to give them treats.

      • Wang Lum LOL

        Thank you for taking the time to take a look. The mail carrier might indeed be a grumpy/unfriendly sort of sim because she came again & stood in front of the mailbox before moving to the other side of the porch facing the wall. Charles tried to engage her in conversation, but kept getting routing issues so I gave up.

        For simplicity sake, I think I will move it to another location.

        Thank YOU again! {{BIG Hugs!}}

  1. I’m enjoying your story.. I like the part where it is mid noon and Charles asks himself where the day has gone by? I can relate to that.. He’s doing a great job networking! His nursery is sure to be a success!

  2. I think Jessa is right about the grumpy pants!! I’m excited to see him working with the kids. Question however, is the ladybug thing something you just added to the story?

    • LOL, some of the mail carriers do indeed wear grumpy pants when they work!

      Charles is a sim I’ve grown to love and hope you will too πŸ™‚

      As for the ladybugs, you can catch them but the bit about them being beneficial in the garden is my adding to the story and not something that can be done in game.

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