SV Daycare 19

Looking back: SVD 18

TODAY is Leisure Day!

For some sims. Not Charles since he agreed to watch Benny for the day.


Benny arrives starved for company and food so it won’t be as relaxing as he would like it to be.


Iliana calls to invite Charles to a pool party and he’s lets her know that he has plans for the day, but is sure to thank her before ending the call.


“Good job, Benny! What a nice surprise this will be for your mom and dad!”


“Mmmm… this is really good!”


Becky takes Topher to the Summer Festival for a day of fun in the sun.


Charles varies the routine so it is fun for both of them.

“Great job, Benny!”

Benny made quite a mess in the high chair so Charles takes a few minutes to clean before taking Benny outside.


Benny’s day went really well!

So did Charles’!


Although his happy bubble burst when he turned around and saw a stranger standing behind him. “Excuse me, can I help you?” “I’m Leif with the Sunset Valley …”

“This is private property and you need to leave. NOW! I don’t know what kind of journalism you do but walking into a daycare without prior permission is unacceptable!”

Charles walks over to the gate and makes a point of opening it.

After Leif leaves, he walks Justine and Benny out to make sure that they’re not bothered.

Addy’s Note: There isn’t an option to tell paparazzi to leave, which is a bummer. Charles went back inside and Leif stayed in the backyard, facing the house and taking multiple pictures. How rude!!


Becky and Topher arrive home. Topher tells Charles all about their outing while she excuses herself to go get cleaned up. Furthering their friendship is enough to give Topher a Fame boost.

Addy’s Note: I’m not sure how I feel about them gaining Fame. I usually play with this system off and somewhere along the line this setting must have reverted back to the default settings. Will leave it be for now but if it becomes too bothersome, I’ll remove their status and adjust the Options.


Becky and her son enjoy a few minutes of Topher’s racing game although she wishes they could continue reading The Adventures of Raymundo to find out what happens next.


They enjoy more of Topher’s muffins before he heads upstairs to get ready for bed. Becky takes a moment to wonder if she’s doing the right thing by her son.

Charles sees the concern on her face and offers a sympathetic ear as well as words of comfort while she shares her thoughts with him.

They’re so busy chatting, they don’t notice the shadow passing by the window or the gate opening into the backyard. Nor do they notice their late night visitor.

I bet Mr Paparazzi wishes he had been there because that would have been quite the scoop!

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 20

5 thoughts on “SV Daycare 19

  1. I only like the celebrity system when my sim is in the entertainment field, otherwise it does get annoying with the paparazzi’s hanging around the front of the house.. I sometimes use the paparazzi’s when I have a celebrity sim living alone and they need their social meter on the uptick and sometimes if my sim wants to keep socializing this scares paparazzies away, LOL! Charles’s day are getting busier and more meaningful!! I hope the aliens don’t abduct him, Becky or Topher!

    • I usually turn it off but forgot when I was busy fixing the game and decided to just let it be.

      Ooh, those are good ways to use the system.

      Yes, his days are busy and very meaningful. I hope the aliens don’t either … I’m not planning on any alien babies.

  2. Wow, Charles is so accustomed to his job that a day with Benny was no trouble at all. I tend to turn off the celebrity system, supernaturals, aliens and zombies. I like to keep it (fairly, it is the sims afterall) realistic unless I’m using any of those.

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