SV Daycare 18

Looking back: SVD 17

The next morning, Justine brings Benny to the daycare. Charles is happy to care for him but the little boy’s loneliness saddens him.

“Let’s see what we can do to turn your frown upside down!”


Becky works in the garden while Charles rocks Benny nearby. Topher plays with his new friend, Mortimer Goth, until the rain sends Mortimer home and the rest of them scurrying back inside.

Topher quickly discovers that being the only one to preside over isn’t much fun.


“How about I bake us a nice juicy cobbler using the apples I collected this morning?” Becky asks her son. “Can I have cookies instead?” is Topher’s reply. Cookies it is.

Topher builds a castle with blocks to distract himself while he waits. Oh, dear! Becky feels like crying when she gazes at the burnt cookies.

She calls the library help desk and asks if they have any books on learning how to cook. The assistant knows of several really good ones and offers to place them on the hold shelves in her name.


The rain stops and Charles takes Benny outside where he gets a message letting him know that Benny’s parent will be late. “Benny, you have time for another pony ride!” “Wheee!!!”


Topher’s building skills have improved and will surely come in handy some day. Hooray!


Charles receives glowing compliments regarding Benny’s care and the extra pay is nice, too!

“Have a nice night!” Charles says while waving goodbye to Justine and Benny.


The phone rings while he’s tending the garden. “Hello … ?”

Want to take a guess as to who it is?

If you guessed Benny’s parent, you are correct!
Something has come up and they need Charles to watch him again tomorrow. Marty is pleased when Charles agrees.

Very pleased. Word is spreading around Sunset Valley about Charles. Hopefully the sim-vine has only positive things to say!


Becky arrives home from the library and is pleasantly surprised to see Charles eating one of the cookies she made. She follows him into the kitchen and surprises him with another hug. He could get used to this!


After tucking Topher in for the night, Becky joins Charles outside and they enjoy pointing out various stars to each other.

Charles walks Becky to her bedroom door and they say good night. He could really get used to this!


After her door closes, Charles turns to the photos of his late wife and quietly has another talk with her.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 19

5 thoughts on “SV Daycare 18

  1. Charles is making a positive impact in Benny’s life, it’s a pity his parent’s are so busy.. At least, they give Charles extra financial compensation for his efforts.. It seems it is starting to get romantic or at least a closer friendship between Charles and Becky!

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