SV Daycare 17

Looking back: SVD 16

Becky wakes early and continues her research into setting up a website. Topher takes advantage of his mom being busy and slides down the bannister before grabbing his lunch and running out the door to meet the school bus.


Charles tends the garden before coming inside for breakfast. “If you don’t mind my asking, what are you working on?” he asks.

Becky closes the laptop and smiles before giving her answer. “I’m learning about ways to advertise the daycare.” He seems pleased and excuses himself so she can get back to it.


The mail came early and Charles is surprised by what his small box contains.

Gifts! The families of Jerri, Sam and Benny sent tokens of appreciation. How thoughtful. Iliana Langerak sent a different token of appreciation and Charles wasn’t so appreciative of it.

“I really wish these women would stop bothering me! The fact that they are married or in relationships doesn’t seem to matter. Ignoring their non-subtle hints or declining their invitations doesn’t stop their attempts. What can I do to stop things before it gets truly awkward between them and me?”


A few minutes later …
Becky joins him and says “The Summer Festival is in town, the weather is fine and we aren’t working. Let’s go!”


Charles sits down on a bench and starts to pull out a book but Becky stops him. “C’mon, Charles … live a little. Don’t let life pass by with you doing nothing but watch it.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Charles asks. “Yes!!” is Becky’s answer even after Jack Bunch pulls her into the center for a spin and knocks them both over followed by Bessie Clavell doing the same thing.


At that moment, Topher comes running up excitedly chatting about his field trip to the Wilsonoff Community Theatre.

And … convinces them to join him in a water balloon fight.

The teams are fairly evenly matched.


The warm sun quickly dries them off and Topher pulls on his mom’s arm. “Guess what is playing at the movie theatre? Prison for Dogs! Can we go, pllleeeaaase? The other kids are planning on seeing it.”

At that moment, Becky happens to look up and catches Charles’ eye. He quietly suggests taking them as Topher’s birthday present and she agrees.


“That was a fun movie!”

As they’re deciding what to do next, Charles receives a phone call. Marty wants to know if he can watch Benny tomorrow and is pleased when he says yes.


They head home and Topher carries the conversation at the dinner table. “My favorite part was when they ran across the field under the light of the moon. It was funny when those two dogs kept tripping over one another!”

Topher heads upstairs to take a bath and Becky thanks Charles for a lovely day as well as the pretty flowers he found at the festival. Before he knows it, she hugs him before heading upstairs to join her son for a bit of reading before bed.


A slightly bemused Charles heads upstairs. He spends a little time talking to Karen before turning in for the night, dreaming of flowers under the full moon.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 18

7 thoughts on “SV Daycare 17

  1. What a fun day for Charles! It’s great that he finally “lived a little”. He still hasn’t healed after Karen’s death, but it will be good to slowly start moving on.

  2. The dating system in the Sims 3 was something I found a little hard to understand when I started playing a little over two years ago and still do.. Sims actually have to go out on a first date to find out if the other Sim is single, that should be handled over the phone when being asked out.. That would be more like the real world, in my opinion.. Charles is a perfect gentleman! I think Becky maybe right for Charles, but true, only time will tell..

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