SV Daycare 16

Looking back: SVD 15

Today is Topher’s 1st day of school. Becky stands at the gate and waves until he can’t see her anymore.


Four toddlers arrive around the same time but she manages to stop Leland Gilman before he scoots out the door and adds his information to Jerri’s sheet.

Charles is busy making Kelli Ursine (daughter of Claire Ursine and Jared Frio) feel welcome so Becky lets him know she has it covered and he smiles his thank you.


Morning snacks plus attention followed by skill building and more one-on-one attention seems to work pretty well.


Topher arrives home from school and upon seeing the flurry of activity, calls out hello before heading to the other room for a snack before starting his homework.


Another day that went well with this new “schedule”.


Charles is pleased to finally be able to meet Jerri’s mom, Maya.


Becky and Topher play in the backyard while Charles tends the garden. Their laughter is music to his ears.


What’s not music is the phone call he receives! “Thank you, but no thank you. I don’t date clients nor do I dally with married sims. Good day.”

Charles wishes certain sims would get the message that daycare services involve taking care of the kids and nothing more than that.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 17

7 thoughts on “SV Daycare 16

  1. Wow, Jerri’s mom arrived!
    By the way, I thought Claire’s daughter would have been older in your game by now?
    Uhh, guess Justine would rather have Charles as the baby daddy.

    • I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get a chance to meet her!

      Good catch, ha ha. I accidentally had the lifespan set to long (can’t recall why) and then realized it was too long so made some changes mid-stream.

      Bwa ha ha … maybe so! Good thing I wasn’t drinking my water when I read this comment.

  2. It seems Justine doesn’t mind getting into problems, it is a good thing that Charles is wise and knows where to draw the line!! Becky and him are making a very positive contribution with their daycare business!

    • I wish the game mechanics would go lighter on having sims stray from their relationships or that the attraction system decreases for sims IN relationships.

      Yes, he does. Business clients and pleasure do not mix as far as he is concerned.

      They sure are and thank you for noticing 🙂

  3. Another great day, the daycare seems to have hit a stride. I appreciated reading the comments speculation and observations. I don’t know the denizens of Sunset Valley as well as they do.

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