SV Daycare 15

Looking back: SVD 14

A new day means a new sim dropping Jerri off at the daycare.


Three toddlers, two caregivers … hopefully this ratio will make things easier. It’s odd not seeing Sam today … Charles hopes he isn’t sick.


Morning snacks followed by a bit of skill building works out well.


Charles and Becky make sure to give plenty of one-on-one attention to each toddler.


And the last toddler is potty trained. Hooray!


Afternoon snacks are given before the toddlers are taken outside for fresh air and fun.


Their day went well.


Charles is no longer phased by another sim arriving to collect Jerri and adds the newest information to the growing list.


We now know why Sam wasn’t in daycare today. He wasn’t sick. He … had a birthday!

What a thoughtful thing to say! Charles is rather touched and had to wipe his eyes after receiving this phone call.


Speaking of birthdays …

Becky is surprised to see a birthday cake on the table when she comes inside with Topher. “You remembered! How kind of you.”

Happy Birthday, Topher!


Charles goes tend garden so Becky can spend some time alone with her son. Topher lets her know that he doesn’t like crusts and looking down at her plate, she realizes she doesn’t either.


Becky joins Charles in the garden after tucking Topher in for the night.


She thanks Charles again for remembering his birthday then gathers her courage to ask if they can continue living there or if he’d rather them move out.

He looks slightly stunned. Charles admits that he hadn’t given it any thought but if Becky wishes to move out, she can. Although … he does like having them there.

After further discussion they decide to keep things as they are and take it day-by-day. If either of them think it isn’t working out, they’ll let the other sim know and go from there.

Becky smiles and says good night but Charles isn’t quite ready to turn in. A few pages later, he turns off the light because he’s read the same page three times already. “There’s plenty of room here for a growing boy and the little ones I no, … we … take care of.”

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 16

5 thoughts on “SV Daycare 15

  1. The relationship with Becky is growing into a nice relationship both professionally and otherwise. I’m always wondering if, over time, it will progress into more. I also wonder if the game will create another homeless toddler for you now.

    • It is 🙂 You will have to wait and see what happens/doesn’t happen between these two.

      Other kiddos in town have aged up so you will soon see a sweet new face in the playroom!

  2. A much better day indeed! Two of the toddlers are now school age Sims! Charles also has the joy of knowing he is making a difference in their lives! Looks like Becky might end up being the one for Charles.. Maybe?

  3. Happy Birthday Sam and Topher! Charles might not have a consistent roster but he is slowly helping Sunset Valley become a better place. It was kind of him to let Becky and Topher stay, I’m sure she will more than earn her keep.

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