SV Daycare 14

Looking back: SVD 13

A new day, a new title: Daycare Dynamo. Things that immediately caught the eye … taking care of FOUR kids … parents calling in a favor for a weekend getaway … “Tell Tale” interaction (will have to remember to try it out at some point!) … parents might give gifts if Charles does a good enough job.


Topher is such a happy toddler! He wakes up in a good mood and tends to be fairly easygoing. It’s obvious that Becky is a loving, attentive parent.


Justine Keaton is the first to arrive with her son, Benny.


Cornelia Goth drops off her son, JJ (toddler in red) and Leighton arrives with Sam. All three boys are extremely unhappy so Charles has little time to do anything beyond offer greetings and take down Lowell Lawrence’s information when he brings Jerri.


Becky seems surprised by the set of lungs Sam has but is quick to jump in and offer help wherever she can.


Charles soothes Sam and she’s able turn Benny’s cries into gleeful giggles. Whew!


Their day is a whirlwind of activity.


Hooray! Sam learned how to talk. All of his basics have been learned (potty, walk and talk).


The shift is 9 am to 7 pm but progress reports & pay happen at 6:30 even though the parents/caregivers don’t arrive until 7 to collect their little ones.

The parents of Sam, JJ and Benny are impressed with the level of care given.


Charles has yet to meet either of Jerri’s parents and is surprised to not receive full wages for her care. The others paid $120 and the envelope from her caregiver contained $80.

Addy’s Note: In the blink of an eye, the game took her status from great down to okay. No warning or time to resolve anything. Becky was teaching her to talk and her progress bar had just started mentioning she needed a little more fun when the shift ended.


Charles adds Clara Austin’s information to the newly created contact sheet for Jerri since each drop off & pick up is being handled by a different sim.

Addy’s Note: I sometimes feel like Jerri’s part of the city orphanage program and is the only one young enough to require daycare services.


He tries to fix the broken laptop and ends up calling for repairs. Charles asks Tuesday Sears if it can be fixed or if he should start looking for a new one and is relieved when she lets him know that it can be.


Topher seems to like Tofu Dogs but then again, he hasn’t shown a dislike for any food given him.


The evening draws to an end. Becky and Topher drift off to sleep but Charles spends a few minutes running financial matters through his mind before he can settle down enough to fall asleep.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 15

12 thoughts on “SV Daycare 14

  1. When learning a new skill, their moods often drop. Maybe only teaching the new skills up to a certain time and then allowing lots of social and fun at the end of the day will help with that. Great chapter with the exception of the mood tank.

  2. A promotion, and new challenges!! The daycare is rather busy! Even though Jerri didn’t have a lot of fun, learning to talk is more important! Charles and Becky should have been paid twice as much!

  3. I am happy Jerri has some time in such a loving place with such uncertainty at home. It looks like Becky arrived just in time, what a chaotic day, and so impressive it went so well for everyone.

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