SV Daycare 13

Looking back: SVD 12

Charles woke feeling quite a bit better and took advantage of the quiet morning to catch up on a few chores.


During breakfast, he discusses the day’s lesson plan with Becky. After a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, she feels happy for the first time in a very long time. Hopefully she isn’t too distracted to hear what he has to say!


Mail arrives shortly after breakfast is finished and Charles heads out to collect it. Thankfully, it’s just bills.


Looking at his watch causes him to frown. Charles then walks to the gate and looks in both directions. Hmm … no children being carried toward the center. It’s going to be one of those days again.


He returns inside and ponders the possibility of signing up for a small business course to learn better marketing techniques and management skills.


A short while later …
knock knock

Alma Tanti looks quite different out of her mail carrier uniform, doesn’t she?


Things are a little bumpy at first when they discover a trait incompatibility.


A gentleman ensures his guest is having a good time. Charles manages to make her laugh at a few jokes and they part on better terms.


He then decides to take advantage of the quiet “workday” and heads upstairs for a nap. No sense in wearing himself out and suffering a relapse.


While Charles is resting, Becky borrows his laptop to see what it takes to create a website for the daycare but spends most of the day giving love and attention to her pride & joy.


She likes it here and hopes she won’t have to start looking for another place to stay. Topher has definitely took to the place like a duck to water and Becky would hate to take all of this away from him.


Her selfish thoughts embarrass her and she can barely make eye contact when Charles joins them for dinner. He’s been so kind in opening his home to them and she’d like to find a way to repay him.


Charles doesn’t seem to notice anything amiss and wishes them a good night before heading upstairs to bathe before bed.

1. I looked at the hospital and didn’t see an option for a shot (only administered at certain seasons which is silly if they get the germy moodlet throughout the year!) so I removed his moodlet and reduced his funds by the amount he would have paid. My way of saying the OTC cold medicine worked.
2. After doing a little research, I discovered there can be a glitch at this level of the career. Since he was really close to a promotion, I made him quit the job and rejoin after the shift ended at the new level. The next day kids came so it’s working … for now.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SVD 14

7 thoughts on “SV Daycare 13

  1. Even though Becky’s fears are reasonable, given Charles’ kind and generous nature I don’t think she has anything to fear.. Creating a website for the nursery does show that she is industrious and wants to help anyway she can!! Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day!

  2. I’m glad you found suitable workarounds to glitches. They are adding some road bumps to getting the business off the ground. I think Becky will prove herself as helpful to Charles as he has been to her and son.

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