SV Daycare 12

Looking back: SVD 11

Oh dear! Charles woke with a stuffy nose and sore throat.

He knows what he is going to be doing on this day off. Unfortunately.

Charles snuggles back under the covers and hopes there won’t be too much gossip over his decision to let Becky and her son, Topher, stay with him. She is unmarried after all and some sims enjoy hearing things through the sim-vine a little too much!

He has to be careful since his reputation is important to him both personally and professionally. Sims won’t use the daycare if they question his ethics and morals.


Meanwhile, that sweet innocent boy wakes up and happily plays in his crib for a few moments but is quite vocal in his demand for breakfast. Becky hopes the noise isn’t going to wake Charles.


It does (but she doesn’t know that!) … he takes some cold medicine and crawls back into bed.


Becky is pleased to see Topher eating pieces of pancakes with a few sliced berries and sits down to enjoy breakfast, too.


Becky takes the newspaper upstairs and gently taps on his door. “Mr. Cameron? I’ve got your paper and will leave it here outside your door.” Charles lets her know he isn’t feeling well and will be spending the day in his room in order to not spread any germs.


While he peruses the paper, Becky takes care of his garden to the best of her ability. She wishes she knew more but does what she can. Maybe when he’s feeling better, he can teach her.


Fiona calls to invite Charles to see the Llamas play. “I’ve got an extra ticket and thought of you!” He apologizes but has to decline her kind invitation. He lets her know he isn’t feeling well and will most likely spend the day quietly reading or resting.


A few minutes later …
ring ring

Molly calls to invite him to a party. Charles thanks her for thinking of him but politely declines and lets her know that he isn’t feeling well so won’t be going anywhere today.


Topher now knows how to use the potty and Becky is pleased with how smoothly training went (he only had one accident). It will take longer to clean the bathroom but she doesn’t mind because it means no more diaper changes for him. Hooray!


After giving him a few toys to play with and thoroughly washing her hands, Becky makes soup for Charles. It’s an old family recipe handed down from her grandmother to her mother and then on to her. They’re all gone now but their memories will live on with each meal she makes.


She carries the tray upstairs and knocks on Charles’ door before setting it down. “Be sure to leave the tray outside when you’re done, Mr. Cameron.” Then Becky heads downstairs to clean the kitchen.


She joins her son and shows him a few simple melodies on the xylophone, smiling when he repeats what she’s done. It’s been a good day but a long one and Becky hopes she did enough with Topher so he’ll sleep through the night.


“Tasty but oh, my … those peppers are mighty potent! Whew!!” It will surely clear my clogged sinuses.


Charles spent the day alternating between resting and reading, learning enough to be able to do minor repairs. “Karen, love, I am learning new things each day, turning to tell you of my accomplishments and mishaps … only to remember that you aren’t here. I’m sure you would like Becky and her son even though she doesn’t have your gentle hand when it comes to spices!”


As Becky is releasing Topher from the high chair, she tells him about other toddlers coming next week. “Maybe you’ll make a new friend or two. Won’t that be nice?”


Well … we know one who won’t be there. Sandi French. She celebrated her birthday and starts elementary school on Monday. Charles receives a really nice compliment from her mom, Molly: “Sandi French has become a bright young girl and we believe this had a lot to do with your incredible care. We appreciate the time you spent with her!”

“How nice! It’s a shame I wasn’t feeling well enough to attend the party since it must have been a birthday party for Sandi.”


Becky bathes and tucks Topher into his crib then takes the empty tray downstairs. She’s pleased that Charles ate all of the soup and hopes that he’ll feel better tomorrow.


Whether it’s the rest or nourishing food, Charles feels better and hopes he can eat something less restrictive tomorrow.
ring ring
A good night’s sleep is key to the healing process so he keeps the call short. Afterward, Charles has to wonder why anyone would think that Yeti Confetti Party Company is a good business name. “Yeti indeed. It’s sure to give little ones nightmares of being chased by big hairy brutes!”

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 13

7 thoughts on “SV Daycare 12

    • Yes, it was. 🙂 Becky strikes me as someone who has a big heart, mainly from learning love via her son. Her parents weren’t horrible … just wrapped up in themselves.

      It will be neat to see Sandi somewhere in town.

  1. It seems Charles gets more than his share of spicy food!! Becky is truly a blessing!! Charles has a truly grateful tenant so far and a very caring one! Looks like Charles has found a true friend!

    • The spicy reaction makes me laugh but I know it isn’t a laughing matter as some people don’t handle spicy stuff too well.

      Yes, she is! Whatever happens, they will be friends/friendly for life.

  2. Becky seems like the will be a great help around the daycare. Spicy food does help with clogged sinuses, but she might have gone a touch heavy with the peppers. I hope Charles feels better by the time the kids arrive. Happy Birthday Sandi!

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