SV Daycare 11

Looking back: SVD 10

Charles woke up bright and early.


He wanted to know how his trees fared. SIGH Most of the fruit was gone. Charles pondered this particular problem while he paid bills.


Fiona called during breakfast, asking about toddler books … mainly the Toddler Simstein series. Charles let her know that while they might be entertaining, the company claims of increasing intelligence and improving learning ability hasn’t been proven. Then he asks if she’s heard anything about trees being tampered with. Fiona hasn’t but will keep an eye out and let him know.


He decides to take a drive around town and see if he spots anything suspicious or unusual. As he is passing the beach … something catches his eye and he pulls over to take a closer look.


Someone has put up a lemonade stand. Hmm … the coincidence of this not being related to his fruit trees seems pretty slim.


Charles introduces himself, figuring he could advertise his daycare services while finding out about the stand but it doesn’t go well. Becky Baker is instantly on the defensive. Could it be overprotectiveness or something else?


When mentioning his missing fruit, she seems to be more upset than one expects a stranger to be. Could she know something? Charles carefully continues the conversation and Becky’s story tumbles out of her lips …


She and her son, Topher, moved in with her parents and things seemed okay at first. There was a little tension, but she thought it might be caused by a rambunctious toddler living with two retired grandparents. The truth came to light after they passed. Their home was mortgaged to the hilt and between the medical bills as well as caring for two extra mouths, their life’s savings wasn’t enough to stop the bank from foreclosing on their home. This left Becky and her son without a roof over their heads.

They slept on friends’ couches and she did what she could to earn a little money but it just wasn’t enough for her to find a place to call their own. Nor was it enough to enroll him in daycare so she could work a regular job. She took the fruit, hoping to make money selling lemonade and freshly baked treats while caring for her son.


This confession pulled on Charles’ heartstrings as he pondered what he should say.


Becky told him she would face whatever consequences her actions caused but he let her know that he had no plans on calling the police when they could work things out between themselves.


“You need a job and I need an assistant!” “A what?” “Please come with me and I will explain all.” Becky looked into Charles’ eyes and saw intelligence plus kindness. With a nod, she went with him to listen to what he had to say.


As soon as they sat down, Charles’ phone rang. “Excuse me for a moment.” He listened to the caller and politely declined before ending the call and putting his phone away. “Now where were we?”


He explained the duties, emphasizing the importance of being attentive and loving, before telling her to take time to think it over and let him know once she made a decision.


Becky stood up and tried to return the leftover fruit but Charles declined accepting it. “But why? It’s yours after all.” “I know it is but it feels odd taking it back when I know your need is greater than mine.” Becky thanks him and humbly apologizes for all the trouble she has caused.


Charles accepts her apology AND Becky accepts the job!


Before he excuses himself, Charles encourages her to look around the facility and have a meal. “There’s plenty! More than I could eat.” Charles eats a salad and they chat further while she’s bouncing Topher on her hips.


She walks around and smiles while looking over the backyard, knowing her son will enjoy playing there. Becky is also impressed by the toddler bathroom.


As Becky is trying to steel herself for leaving to go seek out yet another couch, Charles surprises both her and himself with his next offer. “I have additional bedrooms that aren’t being used. You’re welcome to stay there for the time being.” A job plus room and board! Becky feels like she’s dreaming and pinches herself. OUCH!

He leads them upstairs and points out the two bedrooms as well as the second bathroom before heading to his room after saying good night. Charles tries to read before bed but seems unable to focus on the words as he’s listens to the sounds around him.


splish splash “Bubbles! Whee!” splish splash
Becky bathes Topher and readies him for bed, thankful for being able to put him to sleep in such a safe & cheerful room.


She cleans up the kitchen and takes out the trash before readying herself for bed.


Charles falls asleep, confident in his handling of the situation.

Let’s see how Charles fares in SV Daycare 12

12 thoughts on “SV Daycare 11

  1. The children of Sunset Valley are lucky to have someone like Charles. I hope Becky’s first day goes well, having a spare toddler around is going to make the morning rush a challenge for sure.

    • Thank you very much! I like to think so. Charles is quickly becoming a favorite sim of mine.

      I hope it will. Yikes … I forgot about my having added another toddler to the day until you mentioned it … oh dear. Two sims, many toddlers. {{big sigh}} What have I done to poor Charles?

    • Thanks! I’ve been planning this for a while and wrote both chapters early last week … almost spilled the beans when replying to earlier comments so had to be careful with my wording, ha ha

  2. A definite win, win for both Charles and Becky! He gets a much needed assistant and she gets a job and place to live for her and her child! I also think it is wonderful that Charles now has someone to help him ward off the loneliness he feels when remembering Karen.. Even if Charles isn’t pursuing romance, he does need someone to talk to..

  3. I know Charles is a good guy but it just feels creepy to me that he just meets Becky and gives her a job and a room in his house.

    • I wondered if it was. Moving Becky in was the only way to have her become an employee for the story. I also figured I would forget to not show her as the active sim in pictures.

      • The daycare employee is purely my own design. It was a way to get a helper for Charles (more like me!) because there were so many kids to take care of.

        In hindsight, I could have taken longer in getting her to move in but still had her be an employee meaning .. she would have been there but readers wouldn’t know she lived there until things reached the point for it to be added to the story.

        Thank you for your valuable feedback. It will help me with future stories. 🙂

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