It is winter time once more and things are moving along for the entire Snyder family clan.

Caren Snyder-Parrott, Bobby’s wife, gave birth to their 3rd daughter – Kyra.
Dorian Snyder-Parrott, the youngest of Nikki’s kids, is now a father! His girlfriend, Nikole Ivanov, gave birth to a boy – Rod.
~ ~ Welcome to the family, Kyra and Rod!!! ~ ~

Renae SP-Bagley celebrated a birthday and is now a toddler.
Caren is now an Adult.
Kasey Snyder-Parrott, Bobby & Caren’s oldest, turned into a teen.
~ ~ Happy Birthday, Renae! Caren! Kasey! ~ ~

Rosie, Reiley’s sister, began dating Gus Broke (Elder) but he passed on. Then she briefly considered Kain Crosby. Remember him? Yes, you’re right! Kain is the widower of Monica, sister of Jeremey and Aunt to Reiley. We say briefly because Rosie was then seen out and about with Anderson Swann. Kain in the morning, Anderson in the afternoon. Busy lady.

Will Rosie find a new man and keep him? Will she get back with her ex-husband, Terrell? Is she following in Aunt Nikki’s footsteps and going after older men? Time will tell.

Speaking of romance, thing are moving along nicely between Nate and Kristy
Young LoveYoung Love2

Although the visits by ghostly family members is still taking its nightly toll on poor Nate GhostGhost2Ghost3

Something to take note of…
Addy’s Note: This is the first time I have experienced 3 Snow Days in a row and because of this, Nate won’t be able to go to school & raise his grade before aging up to YA. He has a B (not horrible at all, I know) however this means that he will be the FIRST Snyder Heir not graduating with highest honor. Perhaps Nate isn’t as ambitious as the rest of the family. Perhaps it has something to do with one of his random legacy rolls **hint hint**

During this extended and fun time off from school…
Kyra Snyder-Parrott is growing up fast! She is now a Toddler.
Kristy, Nate’s girlfriend, celebrated a birthday is now a YA.
Justina Snyder-Parrott, Bobby’s middle child, is a Child indeed.
~ ~ Happy Birthday, Kyra! Kristy! Justina! ~ ~

Rosie is promoted to City Council Member, following the career footsteps of Aunt Nikki and Grandma Nichol. Congrats, Rosie!

On the 3rd Snow Day (and the day before Snowflake Day!), Nate is feeling a little stir crazy so he invites Kristy to the movies.
L to R: Kristy, Lynda SP-Bagley holding Renae, Nate, Kasey Snyder-Parrott

It must be annoying to be a teen when your girlfriend/boyfriend ages into a YA and you can no longer smooch them. We feel your pain, Nate!

Wait a moment… Hooray! Time to celebrate
Happy Birthday, Nate! You are a YA now!!!



What a lovely couple they make!

Snowflake Day is here and there seems to be plenty of things to celebrate.
Rosie and Anderson Swann have gotten engaged!
Reiley and Alice are celebrating their wedding anniversary!
It is also GRADUATION DAY!!!

Poor Kristy 😦
It looks like she is nervous about walking across the stage and perhaps doing something embarrassing like tripping or having her cap fall off or it could be because she and Nate celebrated a bit too much the night before Surprise!

Ceremony time

Kristy is glad to be done with science labs

Nate is just glad to get his diploma

Nate graduated with Honor!
His classmates voted him “Most likely to Save the World”.

Grad Photo

Up close…
Graduation PIC

And we now officially move from Generation 3 to Generation 4.

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6 thoughts on “Surprise!

    • Thanks, GC! I am having a lot of fun trying different things so that my story isn’t written exactly the same way each time.

      I have had them give flowers before but I never really looked at the faces, just overall body language. I zoomed in and watched… interesting! The things you learns trying to capture it on film LOL

    • Umm, okay. Between you and our girl I have been outvoted LOL

      I didn’t think of 70s when I look at him, still don’t. I just wanted to use other hairstyles and extras in order to not have every male look the same… which is what I used to do ~ I had one hairstyle I really liked and every male I made had it. How boring of me.

      Oh, yes! Kristy is lovely. I have been so lucky with each heir finding a lovely/handsome mate and their offspring have been pretty people too.

    • They certainly did! I love each generation thus far but find myself looking forward to seeing what comes next… boy, girl, what kind of rolls I have to work with. Sometimes nerve-racking, always exciting!

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