Spring Endings & Summer Beginnings

Happy Easter
Addy’s Note: It is Easter morning and I jumped in game for a little bit of fun before my family woke up and this happened! The first gnome in the Snyder Legacy game! What perfect timing, LOL

Story Progression Update:
Bobby has a girlfriend and so does Dorian. Lynda decides that it is her time to find someone and begins dating Darrell Bagley.
Darrell is the younger brother of Caren.
Addy’s Note: With two siblings, Bobby and Lynda, dating two siblings, Caren and Darrell, I imagine the Snyder family tree will start to get a little more complex on Nikki’s side of the tree.

Happy Birthday, Kain! Jeremey’s brother-in-law is now an Adult.

Kayla checks the weather and invites the family over to enjoy the last day of spring together.

Plenty of fun to be found inside AND outside on this nice day.

As the day progresses and the air fills with the smell of good food, Kayla calls everyone into the kitchen to reveal the best surprise to all…
Happy Birthday, Jeremey!BDay1BDay2BDay3BDay4BDay5BDay6
Addy’s Note: Bobby had to leave before the cake was sliced. He didn’t give a reason, just quickly left the party. Odd. Lynda and Dorian had to leave a little while later because their work shifts were about to start.
Monica is interested in music and tried to draw Jeremey into a discussion about it, but he doesn’t seem to be able to contribute much in the way of conversation so she politely excuses herself

Addy’s Note: Monica played for hours and would have kept going, but the game made her leave. Party time is over. Time to go home, Monica!

The next day is the 1st day of summer and the family decides to take it easy.

Jeremey made Stu Surprise and wouldn’t tell anyone what he used because he was enjoying their banter over trying to guess the mystery ingredients.
Egg and Watermelon?
Lettuce and Peach?
Pear and Potato?
Cocoa and Corn?

All conversation came to a halt and eyes were on Kayla when she stopped taking her empty dish to the dishwasher and…
K BDay1K BDay2
Happy Birthday, Kayla!

Kayla: “Oh! I feel different. **checks self over** I have a few more laugh lines and some spots. My hair is grey, too.”

Jeremey: “You are still the most beautiful girl in Riverview and I love you.”

Story Progression Update:
Bobby is a father! Caren gave birth to a baby girl named Kasey.

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4 thoughts on “Spring Endings & Summer Beginnings

  1. That is one weird looking gnome.

    Eeew, if Darell and Lynda marry them it will just be weird.

    The Stu surprise sounds nasty too. Egg and watermelon?

    • I agree! This gnome is rather creepy looking.

      Weird, maybe. Confusing family tree, definitely. Using the Story Progression mod makes for a really interesting game, that’s for sure!

      Since you don’t play the game you didn’t catch the joke. Stu Surprise is a recipe that randomly takes two ingredients and combines them to create the meal. Unless one takes the time to inventory the fridge before and after preparing the meal, there really isn’t a way to know what is in the dish. Hence the surprise in the name LOL

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