Snowflake Day – part 2

No, Wallace. You can’t join us and go into the delivery area.
This is for family members only!” Arriving at the Hospital5

While labor is going on inside, snow fun continues outside… Arriving6

Addy’s Note: This is the first time that I didn’t speed up the time. I was curious to see what these Sims would get up to!


Kayla notices that all the people are busy chatting now that panic attack and snow fun is done. Time to quietly walk past and take Rosie home! Leaving Hospital

Addy’s Note: Nikki was a variation of Nichol and Kayla was grabbed from a random name generator. Reiley was Nichol’s maiden name and I was hoping there would be a boy to give it to, so yay! When a girl was born this time, I went to my teen and asked her for a girl’s name… she immediately gave me Rosaleen. Rosie Posey is a sweet nickname and influenced adding the teddy bear to an earlier story. Also, I mentioned the name choice for this one to hubby and he replied that he had been thinking of the name Rose while I was telling him all about it. Talk about it being an obvious choice LOLLeaving2

Addy’s Note: They might come in their own car, but hospital rules for discharge includes riding home in a taxi. I think there is a contract between the two businesses LOL

Jeremey absolutely adores his little girl and has already taken to calling her his little Rosie Posey because she smells so sweet. Kayla is thrilled that both her children are healthy and happy. Family Cuddle Time

Together Kayla and Jeremey hum and softly sing…

♪♩ ♫ ♬ Rock a Bye Baby by Sara Mullett ♪♩ ♫ ♬

Rock a bye baby on the tree top
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all.
Hush little one asleep in your bed
You will see fairies dancing in your head
There you will snuggle, you’re safe and you’re warm
Till the sun rises up and you’ll wake with the dawn.
Night night little one it’s time for your sleep
Hush now no crying, not even a peep,
You’re a tired little one so good and so sweet
We’re so lucky you’ve made us complete. Tucking Them In

Addy’s Note: I did a couple of small word substitutions in the lyrics as her song gets tailored for a boy or a girl and I wanted them to sing the song to both of their children.

Silently walking to the door, Kayla tells Jeremey that she knows they’ll be close and sharing toys shouldn’t be an issue. “Aww… honey, I was hoping to go toy shopping.” Jeremey says while glancing down at the floor, looking a bit like a disappointed little boy. Kayla chuckles, “That’s okay, we can still go. You’ve been very good and deserve a new toy.” Discussing Things

In unison they whispered things like “I love you” and “Things are really going to get fun now” The End

Here is a lovely timeline that tells a story of its own for this growing family Family Wall

The most recent picture was taken during Snowflake Day Snowflake Day

Addy’s Note: Kayla’s Maternity Wear wasn’t half-bad this time around. See the matching sweaters? I like to think that Nichol and Kayla went shopping together, saw them and made jokes about matching them up like twins, then purchased them with BIG grins on their faces LOL

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4 thoughts on “Snowflake Day – part 2

    • Thanks. Reiley and Rosie has a nice ring to it when you say it out loud.

      I try to make each sim unique in clothing and hairstyle, but didn’t really notice the guys’ outerwear until I saw this picture from the festival photo booth. I guess I was too focused on the births and not paying attention to putting both of them in a sweater that I like.

      Hmm… maybe a future generation should pull that sweater out of the chest in the attic. Something to ponder. Maybe.

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