Snowflake Day – part 1

The next day is…
Snowflake Day!!! Snowflake House

With a 2nd child on the way, Jeremey accepts extra work. Jeremey Paints More

Soon, the magical lure of freshly falling snow calls the entire family out-of-doors.
Reiley thinks fun time ends a little too quickly for his liking… Snowman

At least Daddy holds him up to look out the window so he can see what Grandma & Grandpa made… Snowman2

Bringg Brinng
Nikki is calling to let them know that they have moved to The Old Spenster Place at 550 Riverview Road.
“Why, that’s just around the corner from us!” Nichol happily said when she heard the good news. Nikki and Johnnie Move Again

Addy’s Note: Snowflake Day, the day I imagine both Nikki & Kayla will be giving birth, is the day they move. Had to laugh at the pop up message saying something about Nikki doing all the heavy-lifting and moving boxes. She’s athletic and fit, but HEAVILY PREGNANT so this random message had me going O.o for a minute. Heavily pregnant woman and Elder husband… sounds like paying for help moving would have been a neat feature to add to the move menu, but I seriously doubt townies ~ even rich ones like they obviously are! ~ would opt for it.

All is quiet for most of Snowflake Day.
Jeremey: “Next year we should decorate. Reiley will be older and have a sibling to share in the magic of the season. We could even decorate with a teddy bear theme,” he joked as he winked at his wife. Simple Snowflake

After dinner, Nichol goes to find a quiet place to work on learning the composition Zach had bought her called “A Perfect Moment”. Zach couldn’t help but be drawn into the room when he heard the sound of music… Snowflake Early Evening

And before they know it, the musical notes are accompanied by an all-too-familiar sound… Labor Starts

Addy’s Note: Kayla finished writing another book so I brought the camera down a level to see what she was doing. Obviously she was getting up to get some ice cream and labor started. Looking at the image I thought of captions such as “No, that’s NOT an upset stomach from eating that second helping of ice cream”. LOL

Jeremey comes running downstairs with her bag and finds Kayla behind the wheel, ready to go… To the Hospital

Addy’s Note: Silly me! Would you believe I never knew a Sim could take another to hospital for delivery?! All this time and in all my games I never even considered looking beyond the woman and choosing “Go to Hospital”. I might have to go wild sometime and have a home delivery… umm, maybe.

Arriving at the Hospital

Congratulations, Nikki & Johnnie!!!
They welcomed a baby boy, Bobby Snyder-Parrott, into the family.

Arriving at the hospital, Kayla & Jeremey were surprised to see…
Wallace Miguel making a snow angel & Ladonna Lemon building a snowman.

Jeremey turns his head and sees Cornell McDermott building an igloo. Arriving at the Hospital2

Kayla nudges him. “Let’s go!”
Avery Martel starts freaking out. Ladonna stops mid-snowball rolling. Kayla rolls her eyes as she maneuvers around all of this commotion. “Trying to have a baby here. Nothing unusual about that!” she silently grumbles. Arriving at the Hospital3

Wallace joins the other two in freaking out which seems to confuse Jeremey. “Oh no, not now, don’t you go & get all absent-minded on me, Jeremey Snyder. You helped create this life and you will be with me INSIDE the hospital. Come along!” Kayla firmly said. Arriving at the Hospital4

To be continued with the next post…

Story Progression Update:
Monica Jones, Jeremey’s sister, has asked Bubba Jimenez to marry her. He said, “Yes!”

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6 thoughts on “Snowflake Day – part 1

    • Are you talking about Bobby? If so, the game named him. I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes secret… almost every time I typed notes in Word, I had to correct myself because I kept typing Booby instead of Bobby for some reason. My fingers and brain don’t always talk the same language LOL

    • All the sims playing in the snow outside the hospital was a new one for me to see/experience so I took a look of screenshots because I was rather curious to see what would happen when Kayla and Jeremey arrived. Priceless moments indeed.

      Yes, Kayla certainly did! As soon as I saw the question mark pop up over Jeremey’s head, I began to worry that his absent-mindedness might cause him to not go inside the hospital so I was happy that it didn’t hinder his entering of the building… and of course it also influenced Kayla making her point 😉

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