Shang Simla, Day 3

Day THREE of three

The next morning is spent honing their skills a little bit further.

Time for a break, right Zach?
Cool Down

After freshening up at the hotel, Zach and Nichol are trying to decide what to do next when suddenly the alarms on their phones beep. They see reminders about upcoming birthdays for Rosie and Bobby.

Zach and Nichol look at each other with a smile and say in unison, “Let’s go home!”
Phone Home

Their plane lands and they find a taxi to take them home.
The landscape outside their cab window is exactly as they remembered.
Taxi Home

Bags can be unpacked later and souvenirs can wait, Zach and Nichol want to see their grandbabies!
We're BackWe're Back2

ALL of them!
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