Shang Simla, Day 2

Day TWO of three

The next day, they decide to do a bit of sightseeing and go visit the Scholar’s Garden after a bit of training at the Phoenix Academy.

Zach: “This view is as pretty as a picture!”Zen

Nichol: “This landscaping is so lush and delights the eyes.
I have a few ideas I’d like to discuss with you regarding our yard and garden at home.”Zen2

Nichol: “So calm and peaceful here. I will be sad when we have to leave even though I love being home.”Zen3

A few minutes later…

Nichol: “I have an idea!”

Nichol: “I love you and want you to spar with me, so please don’t hold back on my account. If I win, I’d like it to be because I earned it.”
Addy’s Note: Nichol is Athletic and Zack is disciplined. No athletic skill for either of them and both are L1 in Martial Arts. I admit that when Nichol received the wish to spar, I wondered who would emerge victorious.

Here we go!

Highlights of their match…

Match 1:

Match 2:

And the match is over! Zach 2, Nichol 0

Both Zach & Nichol benefited from their match.
Addy’s Note: I thought it was pretty neat how the game lined them up to show off their new belts.

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4 thoughts on “Shang Simla, Day 2

    • Thanks, B! It was the longest spar match in SimHistory! I kept pausing the game, looking for pictures to take. I always snap a lot and my MISC folder is filled with those I don’t use. One day when I’m bored and have nothing better to do I might count and see how many is in there… oh, perhaps I’d better not. It would be a really scary number LOL Kind of like the number of hours I play certain games because Steam feels the need to keep track of it.

    • Thanks! Sparring is fun… especially with a family member. I took sooo many pictures of this match and forced myself to cut down. It’s hard though… I love sharing with y’all.

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