Shang Simla, Day 1

Day ONE of three

Nichol: “We’re here! Oh my… it is so pretty here.
Let me take care of business as quickly as I can so we can enjoy a few sights before we have to return home.”China

They both rent bicycles and head over to the Marketplace.

Nichol goes to introduce herself to Lu Zhi (General Goods) and obviously has a bit of a stumble while trying to communicate.
She must not be saying the right word or placing emphasis on the wrong syllable or perhaps Lu just doesn’t like cookies China3

Nichol perseveres and they soon find common ground China4China 5China6China7

So what is Zach up to while Nichol is busy working?

Viewing a work of art? Whistling to see if the critter will come? You decide. China8

Sun Young Kim (Special Merchant) tries to flirt with Zach.
“Thanks, but no thanks.” China11

Zach & Nichol learn a few songs to take home and share with the others.
Addy’s Note: Zach sings them every time he takes a shower! LOL

Nichol does better when introducing herself to Ho Sung Kim (Relic Merchant) China15

Nichol and Wu Xio (Book Merchant) quickly discover that they share similar interests. China18

Nichol and Maya Wang (Food Merchant) also instantly connect. China22

The Shang Simlanians have an interesting custom they follow when done talking with Nichol.
Addy’s Note: Gotta love those spontaneous interactions! Not sure if Nichol initiated them or if the merchants did, but it was fun to see each one.

Business concluded, Nichol decides it is time to meet the young woman hanging about Zach and also following Nichol around each store.
Surprisingly, they click… China24

Then share a moment of pure silly fun… China25China26China27

Nichol then goes shopping for souvenirs…
… and is quite pleased with the gifts she purchased.

After a day of business and a little bit of pleasure, Zach & Nichol purchase dinner.
Zach must have really liked his stir-fry! China29

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15 thoughts on “Shang Simla, Day 1

    • Oh, you! LOL There is actually a random work “event” that pops up asking if the Sim wishes to illegally take money out of the campaign fund. Nichol declined it both times it got offered to her. So there you go… an honest politician. A different result might have been selected if she had the evil trait, but she isn’t so I didn’t even hesitate to choose as I did.

    • A slob will “lick plate clean” if you’re not watching them. Some of their quirks are fun, some are annoying when you’re somewhat neat in RL (confession: I don’t always make my bed! <- hence the somewhat) but if you hadn't had a sim be one, you should try it! You might like it, you might not.

    • Could very well be since she is one of the original residents there. How funny. I never thought about the connection between the one in your story and the one in mine. I wonder how that would tie together our two “worlds”… interesting story in itself seeing all the adventures NPCs get up to in other people’s games.

      • Hope you’re no longer wondering about her 🙂

        I think she’s a pretty sim, but definitely could use a different shade of lipstick. I think the one they gave her is too dark for her coloring.

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