Charity, Felicity and Mercy McPhail love their family but know it’s time to leave the family nest.

Their parents, Euan and Patience, offer advice as they hug each daughter.

“Do what you love, and you’ll find happiness.”
“If money gets tight, go on a collection run.”
“Your rooms will be available should you need a break from one another.”

The fully-furnished rental home is a few streets away from their parents’ home.

Things are going well for Charity.
Her boyfriend, Dany Shue, moves in and later asks her to marry him.

They get married at City Hall and Charity’s parents serve as witnesses.

Even though Dany’s job is stressful, he often comes home with gifts to let Charity know how much he loves and appreciates her.

“Oh, my goodness! Thank YOU! Wait a minute … why does this box have holes?”

Before Charity can fully remove the lid, a blur erupts from the box and jumps onto their bed.

“Aren’t you a sassy little thing? That’s it! Your name is Sassie. Sassie Shue.”

Felicity is also flourishing in a quieter environment.
She spends a lot of time at the library or 24-hour coffeehouse, so her sisters don’t see as much of her as they would like.

Mercy’s life is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.
Her boyfriend, Jake Shawkti, entertains them with a song when he visits.

Keyword being ‘when’.

Jake often has other plans and forgets to tell Mercy but sometimes calls to apologize/make excuses when he hears her voicemail asking where he is.

After a few weeks of this hot and cold treatment, Dany pulls Jake aside to talk to him.

“Listen up, you piece of garbage, I saw you at the Bistro with Jessica. She might not mind your seeing others, but Mercy thinks you two are exclusive. Make up your mind or it will be made up for you!”

“Who do you think you are to tell me what to do? I’m a free spirit and can see who I want, when I want. Mercy needs to step up her game if she wants to keep MY interest!”

“Mercy is too good for the likes of you!”

“You’re going to regret doing that!” Jake vows as he storms out of the house.

Dany is a bit uneasy about Jake’s threat and tells the ladies when they arrive home. Charity and Felicity wrap their arms around Mercy, letting her know that they will get through this together.

The next few days are quiet. No sign of Jake at any of his usual hangouts so the group begins to breathe easier, thinking that perhaps he has moved away.

Speaking of moving, the Town Council is quite impressed with the renovations that Euan & Patience did on the eyesore at the edge of town and now hold weekly lotteries. Lucky Sims can own and renovate one of the other fixer-uppers. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Dany periodically stops by the store on his way to work to purchase a chance to win a place of their own.

Seeing Bhradain, one of the younger McPhail triplets, performing outside the store feels like a stroke of luck to Dany and he buys several tickets, filling each one with a different name.

A few days later …
Dany doesn’t come home after work.

Charity goes to the Bistro, but the manager won’t make eye contact and is unable to help her. She then visits his family (siblings: Star, Gary & Carlotta), but none have heard from him.

Charity and her sisters stop by Jake’s house, but the place is empty & has an unlived-in look to it.

Another day passes and still no sign.
They go to the Police Station and file a missing person’s report.

Charity has given up hope of seeing her true love and locks herself in her bedroom for a good cry.

Her sisters are heartbroken too and unsure of what they can do to bring her spirits up when the mail arrives. Felicity sees the puzzled look on the carrier’s face and heads out to see what she can do to help.

“This letter is addressed to Sassie Shue, but I know none of you have that name so I’m …” said the carrier but was interrupted by Felicity with a smile on her face. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but Sassie does live here. She’s Charity’s cat!”

“Oh! Hopefully it’s a coupon booklet for some nice treats. Have a nice day!”

Felicity brings the letter to Charity and the three girls lounge on her bed as she opens it.

Charity begins to laugh.

“Sassie won one of the fixer-uppers. Dany must have put her name on a ticket, that big goofball,” Charity says with tears in her eyes.

The four of them head to City Hall to see if they can claim the prize. The Town Council hears their explanation and examines the lottery letter as well as documents from the vet’s office showing proof of identity on Sassie Shue.

After a couple of phone calls and a brief, whispered conversation among the Council members, the prize is awarded to “Miss” Shue with the stipulation that Charity serves as her representative and lives with her on the property in question.

Charity agrees and is handed a thick packet containing information about the property along with a set of rusty keys.

Outside the Council office, Felicity and Mercy state that they’re coming too so they head home to pack.

Unfortunately, there is less to pack than they expected.

They put out the fire in the main room and quickly check the rest of the house. Nothing else caught on fire, but they notice that all personal pictures are missing from the walls. That’s when they discover the larger pile of ash in and around the fireplace … someone used their photos to start the fire.

Who could have done it?
What message are they trying to send?

Knowing that the rental insurance isn’t enough to replace the destroyed furnishings and flooring, Mercy calls their landlord and arranges to transfer monies to cover the difference.

While she is doing that, Charity steps outside to call their parents.
“Hi, Dad … “

Felicity calls a friend to arrange transportation.

Later that night, they visit the junkyard and get the car that was left for them after hiding their bicycles among the piles of scrap metal.

Mercy: “Okay … where do we go? What do we do? We need a plan!”
Charity: “It’s okay, we have a car and a place.”
Felicity: “We do?”
Charity: “Yes, we’re going to live in the house that belongs to Sassie,”
**opens the packet**
“and like I thought from the way the Council was acting, it’s not in this town. We’re getting a fresh start away from this … whatever this is.”

The girls take turns driving and make sure they’re not being followed.

Many hours later, they arrive at their destination.

Felicity: “Are we at the right address?”
Mercy: “If so, this is some ‘prize’!”
**uses her fingers as quotation marks**
Charity: “Yes. I double-checked with the Sim Maps app and this is our new home.”

The girls take a good look around and see an overgrown yard, sagging front porch and peeling paint. Not to mention a broken front door.

Charity: “I guess these keys won’t be needed after all.”

They carefully step onto the front porch and make their way inside.

Felicity: “Broken furniture and a pile of rotting newspapers. I suppose it could be worse.”

Mercy: “Bite your tongue, Sis! Look at this disgusting kitchen. Ewww … I think I see black mold.”

Charity: “The hallway doesn’t look too bad …”

She then opens the door on the left and quickly pinches her nose before slamming the door shut.

**cough cough**

“I think something is growing in there!”

The girls peek into the other rooms that serve as bedrooms.

Mercy: “With a bit of elbow grease, these could become quite charming. Maybe.”

The last door must be the bathroom …

Felicity: “Oh, gross! Did something die in here? P-U!!!”

The girls step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Charity: “It’s a big job, but I think we can turn this place into something nice.”
Felicity: “Our parents did it while raising the six of us.”
Mercy: “Nobody knows us here, so we should be safe and this could easily keep our minds off other things.”

Download their house HERE

Original Challenge & Rules created by SamelaRita.
A few ‘house rules’ have been added by me.

Family Guidelines:
*Aging set to normal mode.
*If you have seasons, set each season to 7 days or 3 days if you prefer shorter years.
*No money cheats.
*The family should start with zero simoleons.
*No adult (or YA) can have a career or profession. They make money by collecting, dumpster diving, fishing, gardening, inventing, painting, playing for tips, sculpting and selling those things either via the inventory or the consignment store.
*Teens can have a part-time job.
*Children can sell baked good or lemonade, if you buy the oven and the appropriate stand.

*Students must be grade A students as soon as possible and stay on the honor roll.
*Family relationships must be good, too. Improving them is a priority.

*Nothing in their personal inventories can be sold. Use or not use, the choice is up to you.

Renovation Guidelines:
*Flooring & Walls must be covered. You can’t sell what’s already there.
*You can repaint things to make them look better, but there is a 25 simoleon fee per item. Donate at the mailbox with your Sim who has the Good trait.
*Your aim is for everyone to have their own bedroom (spouses can share, babies or toddlers can go in with someone else), with a bed, curtains, bedside table, lamp and dresser or desk or toybox.
*Bathroom/toilet goal is one per two Sims. One bathroom must have a shower and one must have a tub.
*Kitchen needs a fridge, stove, sink, three counter units, lighting, clock, picture and décor item.
*Dining room/area needs table, enough chairs for everyone plus a visitor, rug, lighting and two pictures.
*Sitting room needs enough comfy seating for everyone, coffee table, two plants, lighting, two pictures and either television or stereo.
*The yard must be fenced and gated to keep the children safe.
*If there are plants in the yard that you want to get rid of, you may sell them, but can only spend the money on fences, walls or other plants.
*If items are sold and not moved elsewhere on the property, there is a removal fee of 5% per item (based on the total amount that your Sims receive).

Aim: Thoroughly renovate the dilapidated living quarters before the youngest child becomes a YA.

Good Luck!

11 thoughts on “Sassafras

    • I know! This story is not the one I began to plot/plan but I think it turned out even better than the original. Looking forward to seeing people play it & see what they think. I might have to play it myself 🙂

    • Thanks. When I started planning this challenge introduction, I had a different plot in mind but as the game went along ‘that’ evolved into ‘this’.

      Can’t wait to see what others do with it and since some are quick in their challenge runs (like ciane!), they might get to it before I do. lol

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