Rosie’s Birthday and Bobby, too!

TODAY is Rosie’s Birthday!
Bobby’s, too!!

Nichol invited Nikki & family over to spend the day, hoping that Rosie and Bobby could share their special day.Rosie
Addy’s Note: The game says NO! No option to include Bobby in the invite, but I did it anyway… hoping that he might be carried & show up that way. Quickly got the message pop up that Johnnie and Ladybug wouldn’t be coming after all. What a “surprise”, not. Nikki shows up, no Bobby. Then Johnnie appears. Say what?! Johnnie. Look! Here’s Johnnie LOL Still no Bobby. Rats. Trying to have a family moment here, you silly game!

Nikki immediately starts sharing juicy gossip with Kayla.

Kayla tries to discuss their children in the hopes of finding out how Bobby is and perhaps where he is.

Not finding out much of anything, Kayla pulls her big sister in for a hug and says,
“Perhaps when they are a little older we can arrange playdates and perhaps a sleepover.
Give you a chance for a date night with Johnnie.”

While the sisters shared a private moment, Johnnie was…

… and Jeremey was upstairs with Reiley…

Hearing the family commotion coming from downstairs,
Jeremey brought Reiley downstairs to be a part of the fun and shortly afterwards…

Happy Birthday, Rosie Posey!!!

Reiley learned to talk! Here is his 1st word:
Reiley can Talk

The family gathering starts winding down,
time to say good night to Nikki & Johnnie…
Party OverParty Over2

… and tuck the kids into their beds…Bobby Toddler2

Bobby must have aged up as soon as his parents arrived home.
Bobby Toddler
Addy’s Note: Look! BOTH are home with him during this special moment. Hmm… I wonder if he would have aged sooner if I hadn’t tried to have the family together at our house.

However, the silence didn’t last for long…
Bobby Toddler3

Story Progression Update:
Jeremey’s sister, Monica, marries Bubba Jimenez. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jimenez! They are living with Jeremey & Monica’s parents, Aiden and Hannah Jones.

Trigger Broke (husband of the recently deceased Rhoda) is seen with Meghan Singleton. Later in the same day, they are going steady.

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4 thoughts on “Rosie’s Birthday and Bobby, too!

    • Thanks! You might recall that Posey is the name of the teddy bear that I re-colored (a long time ago!) and decided to use in the story. What I didn’t mention is that the children’s rhyme “Ring Around the Rosie” inspired the Rosie Posey nickname. Cute name, cute kid 🙂

    • I had invited them over hoping that they would bring Bobby, but I guess babies don’t leave the home lot. Hmm… I should try testing this out at some point since I am now curious to know if they can or can’t.

      It was nice seeing them share a birthday. The family is growing and it will be interesting to see how much it has by the time I reach generation 10.

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