Renovated Rambler

Do you remember this little cutie?
RR Front

Information sheet with purchase details can be found HERE

What was once a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom starter home has grown to suit the needs, family needs, of the single Sim or couple.

Same lot and mostly the same color palette, but furnishings have improved as one would imagine when Sims work and save to make their dream a reality.

RRedo Front
2 Bedroom
2.5 Bathroom
Renovated Home at 2200 Pinochle Point in Sunset Valley (30×30 lot)
Cost: Less than 83,000 Simoleons

Open Living, Kitchen and Dining.
Expanded Garden has Excellent Quality plants.
Added Amenities: 2-Car Garage, Laundry, Office, Playroom, Barbecue and Playground.
Upgrades: Unbreakable (most), Improved Meal Quality (Stove), Auto Water (Sprinklers)

Download Link: Renovated Rambler

RRedo RoofOverview
RRedo Overview1

Front of House
RRedo Front1
RRedo Front3

Left Side
RRedo LSide1
RRedo LSide2

Right Side
RRedo RSide

Closer view of the Barbecue and Playground
RRedo Outside2
RRedo Outside1
Children can play in the sand!

RRedo Garden1
Plants: Blackberry, Blueberry, Grapes, Lettuce, Raspberry, Strawberry & Tomato
Trees: Apple, Lemon, Orange, Peach & Pear

RRedo Shed1
RRedo Shed2
Chest contains: Camera, Collection Helper and Produce harvested from the Garden (use to replace barren plants, stock the fridge or sell as needed)

RRedo Garage1
RRedo Garage2
Includes: 3 bicycles and a vehicle (not shown)

Let’s go inside!
RRedo Front2

Living, Kitchen and Dining (plus Laundry)
RRedo Living1
RRedo Living2
RRedo Living3
RRedo Kitchen1
RRedo Dining1

Half Bath
RRedo HBath1

RRedo Office1
RRedo Office2

Master Suite
RRedo MBed1
RRedo MBed2
RRedo MBath1
RRedo MBath2

Child’s Wing
RRedo CBed1
RRedo CBed2
RRedo CBed3
RRedo CBath1
RRedo CBath2

RRedo Play1
RRedo Play2
RRedo Play3

Day or Night
This home is sure to delight!
RRedo Night

Fully tested by the Funke family of 5 (bin family)
RRedo Funke1

Upgrades and garden maintained by Addy (simself) and Andy
RRedo Handy1

By the late afternoon on the third day of round-the-clock working, Addy was getting a little punchy and challenged Andy on being efficiently speedy or speedily efficient. Andy replied with a shrug of his shoulders and a you’re the boss look.

Ready, Set, Go!
RRedo Comp1

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a …
RRedo Comp2

Just before midnight on the third day, they were done. Finished.

Andy slides behind the wheel of his truck and Addy runs through the checklist out loud as they pull away from the curb.
RRedo Done

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