Reiley’s Birthday & Kayla Attends a Party

TODAY is Reiley’s Birthday! A whole world of learning is right around the corner.

Bringg brinng (Kayla’s phone is ringing)
It’s Nikki! Calling to let her know…


Winter. Swimwear party at night. House doesn’t have a pool.
Just your average party in Riverview.

Kayla usually ignores invites like these, but this one is different. Her older sister (also pregnant!) is hosting it. Kayla makes plans to go.

Kayla: (talking to her son as she snuggles and plays with him) “Reiley, my little boy, it’s your birthday. YOUR special day. Soon you will be learning all sorts of new things & having adventures. One day you will meet your special someone and start planning a family of your own. I look forward to each chapter of your life.” Reiley Birthday


Bringg brinng (once again Kayla’s phone rings)
Kayla: “That has to be Nikki, calling to remind me that it is time to come over for a visit.” Reiley Birthday2

As Kayla starts to put Reiley back in his crib, he obviously has other ideas and starts to wriggle in her arms so she ends up setting him on the floor, concerned that he might jump out of her arms. As soon as she did that… **POOF!!!** Toddler Reiley

Addy’s Notes: What a cutie pie! The hair color continues on! But it looks like the pointy ears have stopped here. Small sigh. I was so hoping that Zach’s hair and Nichol’s ears would be seen throughout the heirs. That’s okay. I get what I get and I’m still pleased with what I see.

Kayla lovingly tousles her son’s head and kisses his forehead before leaving the room to let Jeremey know that she is on her way over to Nikki’s.
“Have fun! Say hello to your sister and congratulate her for me,” Jeremey tells her as he hugs her goodbye.

Kayla arrives at the party feeling slightly silly in her swimsuit. “Nikki doesn’t have a pool and I’m pregnant… way to affect the party atmosphere,” Kayla whispers to herself as she seeks out her sister among the partygoers. Slim person. Slim person. Wherever did my Big Sis get herself to?

Kayla: “Nikki, you look radiant! How are you feeling?”
Nikki: “Tired. I feel like I am always needing more sleep.” We Are Pregnant

Addy’s Notes: What do you think of the facial expression Anita Lobos is making? As soon as Kayla & Nikki started talking she walked over and stood right between them, staying there for most of the conversation. Perhaps she is flaunting her cute figure even though her fashion sense leaves something to be desired LOL

Kayla: “Toys and furniture to buy…”
Nikki: “…a room to paint and decorate” We Are Pregnant2

They compare baby bumps… We Are Pregnant3

And congratulate one another… We Are Pregnant4

Addy’s Notes: Anita is clearly not impressed by any of this. It doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. Anita still lives with her sister Carlotta. Carlotta married Dmitri Ivanov and they have THREE sons Amir, JJ and Ashley. The amount of laundry must be staggering with all those sweaty gym socks LOL} {On further reflection: There is also an Oliver Lobos in town with three dogs – Chico, Noodle & Lady but I can’t recall if he is another son OR is a brother of the Lobos girls. LOVE Story Progression and the way it works, my town feels so alive & vibrant now. Happy, happy Narrator Addy 🙂

While all this was happening at the party…

Jeremey spends some time having fun with his son. He lifts him in the air and zooms him around the room like an airplane. Reiley giggles with glee at this… Daddy & Reiley

All too soon, Jeremey’s arm tire and both are getting a little bit dizzy, so he pulls him in for cuddle time as he ponders things. “I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I’m still the luckiest guy in Riverview! A so-beautiful-she makes-my-heart-jump-for-joy-every-time-I–see-her wife, an adorable bouncing baby boy who has both his mother’s & grandfather’s coloring, another baby on the way and in-laws I don’t mind being around. They have made our life so much easier by living with us and helping out. I love that our son is getting to spend time with them and soon a baby brother or sister will too. Speaking of… (he then looks down at his son nestled sleepily in his arms and whispers, smoothing his hair away from his face and gently kisses his head) may you always be there for your sibling. Hopefully you two will have a good relationship & stay in touch whenever he/she moves out to start living on their own. Life gets busy, I know this firsthand, but your mom isn’t able to see Nikki as much as she would like even though we live IN the same town. Try your best to stay in touch… even a phone call is better than nothing.”

Daddy & Reiley2


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8 thoughts on “Reiley’s Birthday & Kayla Attends a Party

  1. My sims were invited to a pool party once, and I was absolutely shocked that the house actually had a pool. The only problem? It was an outdoor pool, and it was the middle of winter. There was several feet of snow outside around it. For storytelling purposes, I turned it into a very oddly themed New Years party to explain everyone huddled inside by the fireplace in swimsuits… *rolls eyes*

    • LOL I’ve had sims invited to pool parties in the winter and I tend to decline those… not that it matters because I’ll still get the message pop-up and phone text to let me know the party is about to start. **rolls eyes**

      The way you handled it for storytelling purposes was brilliant.

    • Jeremey certainly did! Hopefully Reiley remembers it when he is older. In all honesty, I find myself busy focusing on the family living IN the house and don’t always remember the other family members until an SP message pops up and knocks me on the head with it.

      They sure were. I was laughing at the facial expressions that Anita Lobos made when I looked at the screenshots and knew those had to be written into the story somehow.

    • Thanks! I think his hair is perfect for him 🙂 I’d answer, but I’ll let you find out for yourself.

      Screenshots certainly drive this story and some of them are priceless little gems. I take a lot and then when whittling down to piece together a chapter, I periodically come across something I hadn’t noticed while playing the game or clicking on C. It could be jealousy or she smelled something bad in the air… don’t think I ever paid much attention to her traits so those might have played a part in her expressions.

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