Reiley’s 1st Day of School

Ah. First day of school. Soon children will be seen ~ some singing and dancing their way to the bus, others just going and getting it over with; some excited & possibly nervous, others are more calm as they are “old pros” at this sort of thing.1st Day of School

Reiley woke up extra early and spent a few minutes quietly chatting with Luke while he practiced his game strategy.
“Luke, I’m first to go to school. Soon Rosie and Bobby will be riding the bus with me. It’s a big job, but I gotta check things out and learn a few things so I can show them around and not look dumb. I am the big brother and big cousin after all!”
Up Early

After a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit, Bobby felt an urge to go turn on the television and start working out. He couldn’t explain why he had this idea in the first place, but it felt good so he decided then and there that he would do a little something each and every week. “I might be a genius but I don’t plan to spend all my time with my nose buried in a book. Being smart is one thing and learning something new is a lot of fun, but I’m not a bookworm,” Reiley thought to himself.

Addy’s Note: This seemed like the perfect time to work in one of the Generation 3’s rolls ~ Generation Goal: Hobby, or Obsession? Therefore, Reiley will be interested in being active/keeping fit. There are a variety of ways in which he can accomplish this and it will be fun to learn which activity he prefers the most.

Grandma Nichol came in and hugged Reiley close. “My dear Reiley, you’re growing up and heading out the door to learn, make friends and start having adventures of your own. I wish you much love and success in all that you do!”
Good Luck

“Grandma, today is your first day in your new job, so have fun while you meet and help people sort out their problems and stuff. I overheard Mommy telling Daddy that you will be retiring soon and be able to spend more time with family.
She seemed happy and sad at the same time but I don’t know why. Girls.
(Reiley rolls his eyes)
Anyway here is a picture I made for you. You can hang it at work or here, wherever you want to. That bunch of scribbly yellow and orange down here (Reiley points it out) is Rosie’s doing, I had her help me make this for you!”
Good Luck2

The school bus horn honks and “beep beep!” is heard from the limo waiting on Nichol. Time to go!
Just before getting in, Nichol watches and waves as Reiley boards the bus, then turns and takes one good look at their house. “Changes are coming, I can feel it but take much comfort in knowing that this house and family are strong.
We’ll handle anything and everything that SimLife brings us.”
Looking Back

Time to eat, Rosie. Do you want to try some cereal today?

Rosie takes a tastes and before Kayla can react, pushes the food onto the floor with a loud scream and starts shaking her head back and forth.


Zach headed over to Nikki’s house, hoping to get a chance to see Bobby again, but once more arrived at an empty house.
Ladybug: Witch. I see a witch.
Zach: I see a loud sound system. LOL
Attempt at a Visit

“Your family is rarely home, Ladybug, let’s play while I wait a few more minutes and see if someone comes.”
Attempt at a Visit2Attempt at a Visit3
Back at home…

After several more taste tastings, all of which were declined, Kayla simply sighed and went to grab the cleaning supplies.
“Rosie, sooner or later you will discover your favorite food, but until then if you don’t like something please push the bowl away from you and not over onto the floor. I’ll have to talk to your Grandma about replacing those three bowls that you broke.”
Rosie Foodie

Jeremey comes in and with a sympathetic smile for his wife, he takes Rosie upstairs for a bottle and another lesson on learning to talk.
Her first word is…
Rosie 1st Word

As for Zach…
Zach and Bobby

Some things never change!

Story Progression Update:
Remember Anita Lobos from Nikki’s Swimwear Party? She has gotten married!

“Anita and Quincy Walls tied the knot recently, making their undying love official. “It’s about freaking time!” remarked a relative.” LOL – who said that? Carlotta (her sister)? Dmitri (her brother-in-law)?

A little later…
“Lovebirds Anita and Quincy have finally decided to roost under the same roof!” WITH Carlotta and Dmitri? Or elsewhere?

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7 thoughts on “Reiley’s 1st Day of School

    • Rosie really was! Every prepared food item was disliked resulting in the bowl being pushed over the edge of the highchair tray and her throwing a tantrum. I haven’t had a child do this as much as she did so needless to say I was quite surprised.

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