Prom, Nightly Visitors & Graduation Day – part 3

Sunday brings another visit from Nichol…
Nichol SUN

Perhaps the excitement of the day is keeping her up…
Happy 1st day of Winter!

Or perhaps it could be this…
Happy Birthday, Rosie!
(Cousin Bobby and Reiley’s girlfriend, Alice, also celebrate theirs today)
Rosie BDay1Rosie BDay2Rosie BDay3Rosie BDay4

Rosie is really beautiful!
Rosie BDay5

Another bright spot in Reiley’s life is Alice! That’s right, the gal in purple is Alice.
Reiley and Alice

Story Progression Update:
Tabatha Jimenez didn’t wear widow’s black very long as she is now dating Ronald Lessen (son of Jon Lessen and Constance Shelley)
Cousin Bobby got a job in the Music Industry.

Monday morning brings more snow and Zach comes out to play…
Zach Snow1Zach Snow2Zach Snow3
Addy’s Note: That last picture makes it look like he built it as a gift for his beloved Nichol.

Zach is very playful today, that’s for sure…
Zach Haunt1Zach Haunt2

Brrr… it is cold outside…
Zach Cup1Zach Cup2

This doesn’t deter the Snyder family from going to City Hall. It is Graduation Day! Congratulations to ALL the Grads – especially Reiley, Rosie, Bobby and Alice
Grad Day1

Grad Day2Grad Day3 NamesGrad Day4 Names
Addy’s Note: What a “surprise”! Nikki appears to be pregnant once more with Johnnie’s child. Goodness! He waited on having a family until after he became an Elder and now he certainly isn’t wasting a single moment to fill their house from rafter to paving stone with the sound of baby steps and toddler squeals and children running and teens stomping. I think Grimmy needs to re-think that clause in his contract. LOL

Cousin Bobby was almost late because his father, Johnnie, wanted to talk about unicorns of all things…

Reiley graduated with Highest Honor! He has been selected as Class Valedictorian because of his outstanding school performance. His classmates voted him “Most Likely to Take Over the World”.

Rosie also graduated with Highest Honor! Her classmates have voted her “Most Likely to be Mediocre”. Ouch!

Here are pictures of the Grads…
GradDay Photo1
Shown, left to right: Reiley, Jeremey, Kayla and Rosie

GradDay Photo2
Shown, left to right: Rosie, Reiley, Alice and Cousin Bobby

And at this point I shall officially shift from Generation 2 to Generation 3. Hooray!!!

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