Prom, Nightly Visitors & Graduation Day – part 2

The next day is Spooky Day!
It is also Kayla & Jeremey’s Wedding Anniversary! And…
Happy Birthday, Reiley!
Reiley BDay1Reiley BDay2Reiley BDay3Reiley BDay4

Spooky Day. Time to
Trick or Treat
Here you go, Chiquita Irwin. Happy Spooky Day!

Friday Story Progression Update:
Bubba Jimenez and Tabitha O’Neal are engaged.
Happy Birthday, Dorian Snyder-Parrott! Dorian is a toddler now.

Addy’s Note: Friday brought another first moment into the game for me… ghostly visits! I got so excited while this was happening I am pretty sure I text messaged Tanu almost a play-by-play of each thing that happened. I did NOT know ghosts could do so many things! Their interactions with Sims are a hoot and a half, although the every-time-I-see-you-I stop-what-I’m-doing-and-react moment is getting a bit old already.

A few photos from the “haunting”
Nichol FRI1Nichol FRI2Nichol FRI3Nichol FRI4Nichol FRI5

Saturday brings…
Another “haunting” and this time it is Zach’s turn! He let his lady go first. Morgan, you might want to take note of this behavior and make it a habit.

Zach SAT1Zach SAT2Zach SAT3Zach SAT4Zach SAT5

Saturday Story Progression Update:
Bubba and Tabatha are seen out shopping for baby supplies.
Bubba and Tabatha moved in together.
Bubba and Tabatha get married.
Bubba passed on.
Addy’s Note: This is the exact order in which these pop-up messages occurred. Poor Tabatha will need some serious therapy because of this!

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2 thoughts on “Prom, Nightly Visitors & Graduation Day – part 2

  1. Story Progression seems to like pairing/marrying elder sims to younger ones… even when I’m hoping my own heir or non-heir finds somebody to call their own. Sometimes a bit frustrating and I’m mightily tempted to try to figure out where in the settings this is so I can do a bit of tweaking.

    Ghosts can be fun, but they can also be rather annoying. I’ve run the gamut from enjoying their nightly adventures to groaning out loud when I see them heading to the fridge and have decide that future stories will have tombstones/urns lovingly deposited in the family mausoleum.

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