Pool Party

After practicing soccer together, Reiley and Nate come inside to cool down.

Nate: “Dad, school has a Career Day coming up and our teacher has asked for volunteers. You could go in and talk about sports and how it feels to win.”
Career Day

Reiley: “I’m not an athlete, son. I work at the Doo Peas Corporate Tower and am well on my way towards being the CEO there.
Why would you think that I’m an athlete?”
Nate: “You work out almost every day and are always flexing your muscles for Mom and making her giggle. Girls are so silly!”
Career Day2

Reiley: “I work out because I enjoy it. You could say it is a hobby of mine. I could come in to talk about what I do and bring my laptop with me.”
Nate: “Hmm… Nolan might like to see your computer. He is always taking about this racing game he plays. I wouldn’t let Malissa or her sister Kristy touch it because they have cooties.”
Career Day3

Story Progression Update:
Tuesday ~
Monica Crosby, Jeremey’s sister, celebrated a birthday and retired from the Journalism career.
Lynda Snyder-Parrott, Nikki’s daughter, also celebrated a birthday and entered the Music career.

Lynda Snyder-Parrott
Lynda Snyder-Parrott (Young Adult)

Terrell Snyder-Kuoadio left the Stylist career and became a Painter
Darrell Bagley, Lynda’s boyfriend, celebrated a birthday and got a job as a Fortune Teller.

Darrell Bagley
Darrell Bagley (Young Adult)

Kayla and Jeremey might have been married for a long time, but they still enjoy going out on dates.
Elderly Date
Addy’s Note: A rainy day is a perfect time to go see a movie and I loved seeing extended family members at the theatre, too.

It is now Leisure Day!

Time for a new family portrait
Leisure Day Photo
Addy’s Note: Since Kayla and Jeremey are Elders, I invited Rosie & Terrell to join them in the hopes of getting a family photo but of course Terrell wouldn’t come!

Darrell Bagley proposes to Lynda and the whole family gathers to celebrate! Even Raheem, Nikki’s husband and a widower now, came to the party.

Jeremey takes charge of the grill and prepares hot dogs & hamburgers

Kayla doesn’t care for the outdoors and curls up with a good book

Alice meets Terrell, Rosie’s husband.

Reiley chats with Kain, Monica’s husband.

Dorian dropped off food, then all three Snyder-Parrott siblings left the party.SP Brats
SP Brats2
Addy’s Note: I thought they were going around the long way to the pool because Alice and Terrell were talking in front of the sliding glass doors, but no… they left the party. Bobby tends to not stay very long at family gatherings and now he has Lynda and Dorian leaving as well. Bobby is in the car, waiting on Lynda (wearing flippers) and Dorian. Brats! The other gal leaving was a party crasher.

Alejandra Broke came looking for treats, but everybody was busy in the back yard so no one answered the doorbell.
Addy’s Note: Kids and teens come to trick-or-treat every holiday. This started happening after my family moved to their new house (when Gen 2 were teens). Not sure what caused it, but it isn’t a game stopping glitch so I shall deal with it. The girl sitting on the ground is Nikole Ivanov, Dorian’s girlfriend. I felt bad for her… Dorian left the party without even giving her a glance and she stayed outside quietly doing her homework.

Nathan and his friend, Nolan, find fun on their own.

They probably thought that the pool was too crowded.

All good times must come to an end and the guests departed tired, but happy.
Party Over

A few minutes later…
Alice: “Nate, time to say good-bye to Nolan.”
Nate: “Aww… Mom!”

Bye Nate. Bye Nolan. See you tomorrow at school.

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