Pearson Place

When Sunset Valley began, its residents were farming families. Families who bartered when money was tight and helped one another throughout the year.

Samuel Pearson started Pearson Produce and as the dirt roads got paved and were given names, his farm stretched from Maywood Lane to Skyborough Boulevard along Sierra Tango Street. He built his home at what would become 18 Maywood Lane.

When the family home burnt down, Samuel and his family along with the help of their friends, built a new home in the same location. This home is called Pearson Place.

The family farm had good years and not-so-good, just like all businesses do when the community began changing and families moved away to find other work. The Pearson family stayed, determined to be a beacon for fresh food, good conversation and a helping hand to any in need.

Samuel’s son, known to all as Junior, took over operations in 1970. His son, Sam, came back home and ran things from 2000 to present.

The family farm is gone, sold piecemeal when times were lean and other businesses competed for the same market share. The house is still standing with a carefully cultivated crop of heirloom plants and serves as a daily reminder of what this family has accomplished. And lost.

It’s up to the player to create Sam Pearson as an adult and give him a good life surrounded by family and friends OR move in someone new.

Let’s take a tour of Pearson Place so you can see the possibilities and potential to be had by living here!


Lot details:
18 Maywood Lane – a 20×30 lot
2 bedrooms (sleeps up to 4)
2.5 bathrooms

Fully tested by 4 YA Sims
Appliances have been upgraded
The plants are Perfect Quality

Download Link: PEARSON PLACE

The BBQ Area and Patio are on the left side of the property.

The extensive Garden filled with heirloom plants take up most of the backyard.

Trees provide shade and some buffer from nearby noise on the left side of the property.

The back stoop leads into the Laundry.

The Laundry connects to the hall as well as the Prep Room. Jams, preserves and baked goods are made here. They are enjoyed by the family living here and can also provide a nice supplemental income thanks to a partnership with the local bakery.

Beyond the Prep Room, at the front of the house, is the Office.

Stepping out from the Office or Laundry takes you to the hallway.

NOTE: I changed the color of the spiral staircase and the new/current color is visible in the upstairs landing picture.

The Half Bath is small so no picture has been provided.

Arched doorways lead to the open plan Living*Dining*Kitchen.

Here is an overview of how the rooms are arranged.

The spiral staircase is the only way to access the 2nd Floor.

The Landing has artwork from Samuel and Junior.

The Master Bedroom has plenty of closet space.

The bedroom color scheme is continued in the Master Bathroom.

The 2nd Bedroom contains artwork by Sam.

The Bathroom efficiently uses space by having the hamper tucked away under the sink.

Here is an overview of how the bedrooms and bathrooms are arranged.

Be sure to check out the nooks & crannies to find all the things the Pearson men made!

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!
♥ Addy

10 thoughts on “Pearson Place

  1. Great back story! I like the way you go back a few generations! I especially adore the house! The garden is adorable and I really love the way you decorated it! I enjoyed both the story and the tour!

  2. I know I’ve thrown around the term ‘lived in’ with homes before but you can really feel the presence of the family that lived here when exploring it. It’s a very stylish home and I love all the personal touches.

  3. What a sad background. Sad mostly because we have seen that happen so much around us. At least here they named the streets after the old family farms. 😉

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