Pear Tree Terrace

1 bedroom, 1 bath home built at The Cliff in Sunlit Tides. The tree might be a descendant of the one that inspired the song or it might not be. Partridge not included. Happy Holidays 2018!

Also includes:

  • Open Living/Dining/Kitchen
  • Spacious porch with plenty of room for entertaining
  • Pool
  • Upgraded Appliances & Plumbing
  • Gorgeous views!

Download Link: Pear Tree Terrace

Custard checked
Fully tested with 3 sims, no routing issues

Price: Less than $46,000



And the gorgeous views?





9 thoughts on “Pear Tree Terrace

  1. Love the way you did the roof line, and that you have just nice outdoor seating and a wood-burning oven! I also love the wood floors, all the greenery, and the nice pool area! I’m going to have to make a Partridge and move the sim in so I can have a Partridge and a pear tree.

    • Thank you! I tested with three sims and had no issues as they went about checking everything out. Three in the pool is a bit tight, visually, but all were able to swim around.

      The bathroom is my favorite, too! This is my first time pairing plum, cream and gold but I really like how it turned out!!

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