NRfP: Week TWO

A lot of things happened during Week ONE and knowing the McPhail family, plenty will happen this week as well.

Fall begins on a wet note, but the good news is that all these rainy days give a much-needed boost to the sown grass seeds.

Rainy days are best spent indoors.

Euan makes healthy meals using produce freshly picked from their small garden.

He squeezes in a little painting during the downtimes of training the tots. Their nap reminds him to take one since his Family Leave ends and he returns to work today.

The tots are doing well. Besides learning the basics, toddler books and toys expand their horizons. They also enjoy rounds of peek-a-boo that brought the whole family closer.

Patience upgrades their plumbing to be self-cleaning so there are less things to clean up after.

“P-u! The potty chair behind Charity is smelling rather ripe right now. I wish it had a self-cleaning function!”

Or perhaps she ate too many sandwiches at lunch.

The girls celebrate their birthday on Thursday (Spooky Day).
Euan and Patience decide that one cake is plenty for all of them to share.

Happy Birthday, Charity!

Happy Birthday, Felicity!

Happy Birthday, Mercy!

They head over to the Fall Festival and get their first family portrait taken.
It looks great!

Mercy collects this fine feathered friend and promptly sells him before leaving the festival grounds.

Charity and Mercy enjoy chatting while they fish. Their haul was small, but every bit helps the family fulfill their dreams.

Felicity prefers a quiet spot where she can enjoy a good book. She’s hoping to gain a few tips before writing a novel of her own.

Euan paints for a bit before deciding that there is a nap with his name on it.

Patience gathers a few flowers before taking a nice long, undisturbed soak in the tub. Unfortunately, the tub decides it needs some TLC when Patience steps out and releases the stopper.

Friday starts earlier than either Euan or Patience expect.

Both are excited to meet this newest member of their family.

Labor went well and the family heads home.

Euan exits the taxi cab in a contemplative mood. He is thrilled to be a father (again!) but worries that his small salary and their supplemental income won’t be enough to support them.

Patience understands her husband’s concerns but is more focused on getting everybody inside and tucked into their cribs.


Meanwhile …

The girls head off to their first day of school.

Felicity & Mercy wonder what it’s like having a teacher watch your every move, but I don’t think Charity’s “attempt” at showing by example puts them at ease.

“Wow, this building is huge!”

Their teacher is nice and they’re starting to make friends so the first of many days of schooling ends on a good note.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the bake sale Mercy holds.
Addy’s Note: I usually ignore wishes for bake sales but decide to give them a try and see what happens. One sim appears, looking like he’ll approach the stand, but runs past making a beeline for the Shoreline Cabin (hangout) located next door. Another sim seems more interested in interrupting her tending the table with chatter. When the insane thought bubble appears over his head, I decide it’s time for her to pack up her things and head inside.

The girls head over to the park on Saturday and Felicity offers to tend the table so Mercy can go fishing with Charity.

Two sims arrive separately, making Felicity hopeful that she’ll make a few sales, but neither approach the table. She tries not to get disheartened as she can’t help but observe them alternating between chatting and arguing.

The guy finally moves on and the other one comes over to peruse the treats.

She buys several muffins and Felicity is happy to see her smile returned when she thanks the lady for her purchase.

Bake Sale Tally: §26 earned. §15 spent to bake the treats.
If you ignore the costs of the oven and bake table, profit was made.
If you consider how many hours Mercy & Felicity tended table, it pales in comparison to money that could have been made while doing other things.

Overall, every simoleons counts and was used to make the following interior changes/improvements this week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More changes to come in Week THREE!!!

14 thoughts on “NRfP: Week TWO

  1. Wow, another set of triplets?? This is crazy, Addy, I wish you all the best, it must be such a challenge to take care of them. And I also always ignore the selling baking goods wish, rarely anyone is interested in buying.

  2. I always ignore baking table wishes too. Too much effort! One good rock or a nice flower is hands down much better. My kids collect, but I do have them bake a single item at a time until they go as far as thy can in the cooking skill. Your girls all turned out so well! I wish mine grew up nicely without intervention required from the mirror and dresser almost immediately! LOVE those new beds you chose for them. Your home has great shape and nice colors! I’m looking forward to seeing the boys grow up.

    • I agree with you! Collecting is better than bake sales in terms of ease & rate of return. I had Mercy bake, planning for her to max skill but gave up even that much. Your idea of one at a time to gain the hidden cooking skill is terrific & makes me wish I had thought of it.

      My girls turned out well because I used the MC Stylist option but only AFTER I had a dresser and mirror on the premises. I like the ease of Stylist over going to the dresser and then mirror or vice versa.

      Thanks! I believe they are from UL and were selected partly because of the drawer underneath. Why thank YOU, I’m liking how it is coming along and sketched out the next expansion bit. Love, love, love these colors even though they don’t often translate well in the pictures (different shade or not quite right somehow).

      Me too! However, I chose certain money-earning skills for each child and the funds to purchase items is really slow going. Part of the downfall of promptly popping out another set of triplets. May the boys get their “toys” as soon as possible. 🙂

  3. Awesome story Addy! I love décor, very pretty! I see bake sales are not very lucrative.. Collecting and fishing are more profitable then.. Six children that is a large family indeed..

    • Thank YOU 🙂

      Collecting is very lucrative! With seasons, various wildflowers are 200 or 600 EACH. I tried not to do too much once simoleons were flowing since it felt a little cheaty in a way. Ha ha

      This was my largest family with kids (have had full houses with multi-generations before) and it really is a juggling act. I don’t think I will do it again so as to save my sanity!

  4. I understand what you mean by keeping your sanity.. After five times of no success with the try for baby option, my sim finally gets pregnant.. Well let’s just say she has twin (I never tried the fertility treatment). I only wanted her to have one.. Oh, well, it is hard pretty hard trying to keep up…

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