Time Flies! Week ONE and Week TWO are now a not-to-distant memory. Plenty of changes happened when Euan & Patience went from being a couple to having a full house. Their home also changed to suit the family’s growing needs. More changes are bound to happen this week as well.

The first day of winter makes quite an entrance. Falling snow and a pleasant surprise greet the McPhail family as they wake and take a look outside.

Euan and the girls briefly go out to collect a few flowers from the park as well as rocks & gems from nearby areas, but soon head home to warm up.

A house filled with the sounds of toddler activity greet them.

After a delicious meal, the older family members head off to whatever activity holds their interest.

Euan picks up the paintbrush and is happy to see that his skills haven’t gotten rusty from lack of use.

A big smile crosses his face when he sees Felicity going to the second easel.
Addy’s Note: Each of their girls painted a picture to hang in their bedrooms, but their middle daughter seems interested in repeating the fun found while painting.

Patience continues working on making improvements to the household objects. While improving meal quality is a good idea, she opts to go with fireproof.

Charity and Mercy enjoy being outside and playing in the snow.

The weekend ends and the weekly activities start once more.

Mornings arrive with sunshine and freshly falling snow.

Never enough snow to keep the girls from going to school.

Charity and Felicity visit friends after school, but Mercy thinks it is easier to simply bring one home.
Addy’s Note: Felicity arrives at an empty home (her friend didn’t get off the school bus with her) and was a bit annoyed by this “prank” but left instead of leaving one of her own.

The girls solidify their friendship by playing with blocks before bedtime.

They also take turns making friends with their brothers over rounds of peek-a-boo.

Euan can’t help but overhear the girls discussing their upcoming birthday.

The next day is Snowflake Day and the family wakes to … more snow falling.

The girls ask their parents to join them in the living room.

They had seen the cake in the fridge and aren’t interested in having a birthday party. “It might be sunny, but not the right time of year to have a party outdoors” and “Friends are fickle like leaves, you never know which way the wind blows” are interjected as Charity tries to explain their reasons.

Euan and Patience silently look at one another, both realizing that the gift of a party isn’t much of a gift if it isn’t something their girls want.

“No party then. We want to celebrate your special day, but in a way that makes all three of you happy.”

“Thanks! We decided that since I got to blow out the candles on our first cake, it’s Felicity’s turn this time and … here I go …”

Felicity’s turn is next.

Mercy sees that both of her sisters look alright and is ready for her turn.

“How do I look?”

After enjoying their slice of cake, the family heads over to the Winter Festival.

Euan and Patience are excited and feel like they’re the ones being given a gift when their portrait of the entire family is taken.

Euan had received a holiday bonus of $1,100 and both he and Patience knew exactly what they wanted to do with it. They had taken turns during the week to inspect this upcoming purchase and were ready to “seal the deal”.

Euan met a co-worker at the festival and exchanged keys for a check.

To say that the girls were thrilled would be a bit of an understatement. A quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors took place and then the winner jumped behind the wheel.

Charity asked Patience to teach her how to drive and they were soon on their way.

They’re able to finish the rest of the lesson on Saturday.

Expenses add up while raising a large family.

Euan decides that selling paintings is a good way to increase their bank balance and picks up the paintbrush whenever he has a spare moment or two.

Felicity is thrilled with another family purchase and offers to help raise much-needed funds by writing stories for children.

Mercy volunteers to do the daily collecting.

This week resulted in fewer improvements because each were “big ticket” items. They finished painting the exterior of the house, fenced in the backyard and built a tree house. The kitchen now includes a laundry area and computer nook. A third bathroom was added upstairs because Euan and Patience got tired of the girls squabbling over sharing two bathrooms. Last but not least, the family now has a car.

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Plenty happened this week and there is bound to be more in Week FOUR!

16 thoughts on “NRfP: Week THREE

  1. I loved seeing the girls bonding, it was so heart-warming. I smiled when I saw how you placed the toddler books all over the corridor. And congratulations on becoming teens and learning how to drive!

    • Trying to do this without cheating relationships is new to me. I don’t do a lot of cheating in that regard, but find the social bit of going “distant friends” to be annoying so the Snyder family gets help whenever they need it. The McPhail family is going the distance without this boost and part of the challenge is to have good relationships between all family members.

      As of right now, 2 of the three girls know how to drive. The 3rd will finish learning the next time I play. Hopefully.

      I have always had the toddler training go along like an assembly line so that each one is accomplishing something. It also makes it easy for me to keep track of who has learned what.

      • Oh, I usually cheat the toddler skills in MC, or at least check their progress with the use of it. I don’t have patience for this at all, nor do I for friendships. It’s so sad to think about the last time I actually played and didn’t take photos.

      • The Snyder toddler stage got set to 7 days & I found that to be adequate at getting them through the 3 main skills plus books & toys.

        However … I recently discovered the playpen has an extra skill not previously considered (Charisma) and can be used to have toddlers befriend one another. 7 days is a bit tight for those of us who like our toddlers to know everything. I tend to give the toddler every possible advantage & then during the child and teen stages start shaping them into the adult that I plan on them becoming. My children would never grow up if I did this with each stage. LOL

        I can’t recall the last time I played without taking pictures. Since starting the Snyder story, they have been the only family I play … or were. I started this challenge to test something I had been considering for a while (and then I see RM decide to do something similar and post about it before I could!) Ha ha

      • Toddlers tire me out. I actually haven’t played a proper family in so long, because I only played Sam, a single Sim, leading a criminal live and living on the swamps of Twinbrook. Crazy!
        I mean, I don’t play, I only take pictures, that’s what I meant by this shortcut of taking pictures. And my pictures include a lot of staging, I have to make my Sims take a new pose for each shot or wait till the animation plays properly so I can take a picture. I don’t do normal gameplay at all. It’s sad.
        I am so glad you do this! You need a break from Snyders once in a while, I think.

      • I can understand that … toddlers are a bit of work. That is why I do my “assembly line” when my sims have twins or triplets.

        Sam isn’t father material and that’s okay because not everyone is meant to have a family of their own.

        Oh wow! I had no idea that you only take pictures. Your staging is very good!!! Color me impressed 🙂

        Thanks! It’s kind of fun trying a different style of playing and I was also doing this to see if it IS possible for me to share more than one story at a time. For some time now I had been considering a sort of side story for the Snyders … and the RM announces her intention to do one on her end. I must have filled the air with my ponderings 😉

      • Yes, I only take pictures and some of the time I have my Sims take a new pose for each chapter, it’s crazy. Also practically everything that happens in my game is not game-driven, but my own imagination. Thank you so much 🙂 ❤️
        I don’t think it’s possible for me to keep up two stories, though bonus posts almost felt like another story. But there were only three of them 😉
        Great minds think alike. Good luck to you and Kymber! And I would certainly be interested in Snyder side story.

      • I can only imagine how crazy it can get! I had one moment where I was trying to seat 5 Sims near each other and several kept getting up. I was getting quite annoyed by the third or forth take.

        That’s some imagination you got there, m’dear. I wish I could peek over your shoulder and see you at work because I bet it would be very interesting. But then again … maybe it is best to “leave the man behind the curtain” and not ruin the magic.

        Not sure if I can keep up with two stories either. The Snyder chapters are prepared until the 1st week of March so I thought it would be a good time to try the challenge and see how doable it really is. I have to get certain things in the Snyder story set up so that all pieces are in place before going forward with the plan I have had in place as soon as I rolled Ben’s rolls when he was being born. Yes, been thinking about it for that long! Ha ha

      • Well, it’s not as difficult when you have poses because your Sims will not disable the pose interaction and they will not move. I rarely ever use EA animations anymore.
        Haha, I admire the storytelling community because it takes so much dedication (speaking from experience).I had so much planned for the teenage Hailey bonus it took me two days to finish taking the pictures, I wrote it first. I basically added all the teens from my town to the current family so I could set up the school. And then in this Saturday’s chapter I had 23 Sims in my family because I needed the crowd to watch Sam on stage. I also change my Sims’ outfits sometimes more often than for each chapter. I can’t believe what price I am willing to pay to make everything right.
        I have scheduled everything until 10th March which is gen 4’s epilogue. I had 2 weeks off, so last week I worked on the story practically everyday. I think you picked the right time to try a new challenge since Snyder series is inevitably coming to its end and I’ve already gotten attached to your new “phailure” series.

      • In some ways that sounds easier, but in others is sounds way more complicated. Controlling 23 Sims to get everything staged just so … wowzers! I’m definitely going to be reading your future chapters with “eyes wide open” in regards to appreciating all that you do to get each screenshot perfect.

        About that … the Snyder story (as we know it) is ending when the 10th gen heir becomes a YA/graduates but things are being set in motion that will shine a light on what I have “up my sleeves”. Don’t want to spoil the surprises so you shall have to wait & see.

        The McPhail family is fun to play, but their challenge ends when the youngest becomes a YA/graduates. Been trying to decide which renovacy household to go with next.

    • Thanks! You can’t really tell by the pictures, but all three girls have larger noses like their mother so I took time to find hairstyles that would flatter.

      We’re getting there! I made a sketch and have ideas/plans of what I’d like to do but am trying not to go too overboard and run the risk of this becoming a financial burden on them.

  2. The house now is looking like a dream home! I’m glad both Patience and Euan are pursuing painting and writing, both are wonderful freelance jobs that have great financial potential! In the spring they can go back to gardening.. The girls get along wonderfully with their little brothers.. Very entertaining story, Addy!

    • Thank YOU again for your kind words. 🙂

      Am really pleased with how this home turned out and suited the family living there. Went back and took a “walk down memory lane” … you are halfway through the story … I wanted to be sure to not give away any spoilers when responding.

      Yes they do. I’m not big on creating a lot of sim drama if I can help it and love happy families. Sometimes, I will add in something to move the story in a certain direction but for the most part I let my sims be sims.

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