NRfP: Week SIX

Warning: Yet another longer chapter that is picture heavy.

Lots of changes happened during Weeks ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR and FIVE. Euan & Patience started this story as a couple who eventually become parents to 6 kids, triplet girls and then triplet boys. Vast improvements have been made to the place they call home. The older triplets moved out, but know they are always welcome to return for the day or longer.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the younger triplets and see what happens this week.

Euan & Patience enjoy a nice breakfast and discuss their plans for the day.

Patience is going to continue upgrading various appliances and Euan will deal with inclement weather to finish teaching Bhradain how to drive.

Now that the boys know how to drive, they’re free to pursue their various hobbies and interests as well as maintain good relations with their sisters.

Euan thinks it is ridiculous that the frequent rains do nothing to stop his poor plants from wilting. What IS the point of rain, he wonders.

Doughal, Cambeul and Bhradain made it on the honor roll. Congratulations!

No word yet regarding an upcoming dance, but Bhradain is making a point of getting to know others, especially their relationship status, just in case this information is needed to help the three of them.

Cambeul gets asked out on a date but standing in the rain outside the police department is not his idea of a good time, so he ends it as soon as he politely can.
Addy’s Note: The game is acting strange. It placed them on a date after he arrived home and clicking the “end date” action didn’t remove the hearts, so I had him call & invite her over. As soon as she arrived, the hearts went away.

Patience steps outside to meet the young lady who is determined to see her son. Upon discovering that Minzi is dating Gary, tells her that Stu Surprise works because it is a blending of two ingredients not three and sends her on her way.

The rain stops on Tuesday afternoon, bringing smiles to faces as sims are once again able to enjoy being outdoors.

None of those smiles can compare to the ones coming from happy parents. Euan and Patience are asked to meet Charity at City Hall & discover they are serving as witnesses to the nuptials between Dany & Charity!

Euan tries to get a decent picture of the happy couple, but as you can see by the following image, that is the last thing on their minds.

The next day, the boys invite a few special friends over after school.

Doughal asks Lois to be his girlfriend as soon as learns that she likes him too.

Sparks fly between Bhradain and Esmeralda, but things turn awkward during the game of Sim Gnubb, when Cambeul and Sierra get cozy nearby. Bhradain knows that she is dating Bart … or was until Cambeul turned up the charm.

After their guests leave, Cambeul swings by Bart’s house to let him know what he thinks of him.

Thursday is Spooky Day and the family enjoys sleeping in before heading over to the Costume Party Charity is hosting. Euan & Patience are a little disappointed that Felicity and Mercy aren’t home but enjoy seeing their eldest having fun.

Cambeul and Bhradain think Doughal looks silly dressed as a cow plant.

Later that afternoon they stop at the Fall Festival and grab another picture for their family photo wall.

Doughal asks Lois to be his prom date. Ancha, the Moore’s dog, stands guard in case something dangerous happens.

Not to be outdone, Cambeul asks Sierra and Bhradain asks Esmeralda. All the McPhail boys have dates to the dance taking place on Sunday.

Minzi keeps sending love letters and calling, asking Cambeul out but he declines to give her any more encouragement. “I am with Sierra now. STOP bothering me!”

Sierra’s ex-boyfriend, Bart, began snubbing Cambeul and refused to sort things out. Cambeul let him know that he could snub all he wanted, but Sierra is with him now so get over it.

Addy’s Note: Normally I would stop here and give a progress report on their house, but Sunday is the boys’ birthday and that means the END of this challenge, so I decided to include that bit, too.

Sunday is the first day of Winter and the school dance.

Their dates met them at the dance and took photos before doing anything else.

Bhradain convinced the entire school to vote for him for Winter King. It’s dubious whether he should be proud of his victory, but “A” for effort!

While the dance was going on, Euan gets a phone call from Charity.

While he is saddened by what he is told, he understands and supports the girls’ decision. Time to tell Patience …

“I want to tell you before you hear it in the news. There was a fire at the home the girls rented … no one was injured … but it scared them, so they’ve decided to move to another town. As soon as they’re settled, they’ll let us know how to get in touch with them.”

Hours later …

The dance ends and the boys arrive home, tired and hungry but get easily sidetracked as birthday magic surrounds each of them in turn.

Happy Birthday!!!

Here ends the challenge the McPhail couple faced.

Progress can be seen from the ground up to the top floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Their family photo wall bears witness to the family’s growth and their closeness.
Addy’s Note: Each family member is friends or best friends with another family member.

Euan and Patience love their fully restored home and all the beautiful memories it contains.

They also know that there are more memories in the making as their children grow and raise families of their own.

~ The End ~

10 thoughts on “NRfP: Week SIX

  1. Very nice ending! The home looks really cozy! It’s nice that all three sons found a date for the prom.. Good thing none of their daughters were injured by the fire! With their sons also grown up they can now look forward to grandchildren!

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