Warning: This is a longer chapter and quite picture heavy.

Euan and Patience started making improvements to their home and became a family in Week ONE. They added to their family in Week TWO and continued raising their family in Week THREE.

Improvements to their home is an ongoing process, often taking a backseat to taking care of toddlers, but maybe the boys’ birthday this week will give them a bit of a break from such a demanding schedule.

Euan and Patience are having a rare sleep-in.

Charity and Felicity wake up early and take turns getting the boys dressed and fed.

Their help isn’t needed for very long.

Happy Birthday!!!

Felicity asks Euan to teach her how to drive.

Star Shue wants Patience to improve the sounds coming from her stereo.

The others spend the day catching up on homework, gathering goodies to sell or getting to know their classmates a bit better.

Patience is pleased to see her children getting along.

Monday arrives and it’s now Charity’s turn to feel like she’s being watched.

The boys hang back after getting off the school bus but Charity smiles and shepherds them into the school building.

After a trek in the countryside, Patience finds Star and returns her stereo to her.

The afternoon changes from sunny to rainy, but that doesn’t deter Mercy from going to the dance.

Nor does it stop Charity or Felicity from getting dressed in the staff bathroom after their work shifts end.

The boys finish their homework and visit with Marlene Colby when she drops by.

Mercy is crowned Spring Queen at their school dance and leaves the dance in a good mood.
Addy’s Note: She gets into a fight at the dance, is feeling strained and grungy, but getting crowned is enough to keep her in a Very Happy mood. Charity and Felicity don’t fare as well and leave the dance feeling stressed. Charity got denied for a dance, is tired and got into a fight. Felicity is feeling strained, got denied for a dance and got into a fight. These girls are fierce on the dance floor!

They look lovely in their party dresses.

Attending the dance means getting up early to work on homework.
Addy’s Note: This is the first time I experienced Sims not finishing their homework before going to school and the girls had to “work on late homework”. Fortunately, they didn’t get into trouble.

The garden is small but takes quite a bit of time to properly tend it.

The homework assignments seem to be never-ending.

Euan arrives home from work and notices that the garden has gone dormant again.

Dumpster diving is quite lucrative. Euan found all of this plus a food processor at the junkyard.

Selling things adds enough to their bank balance so they can purchase a newer dining room set that has enough chairs for all of them to dine together and add a small porch off the dining room.

Dueling phones, anyone?

Patience receives a crank call and Jake invites Mercy out on a date.

Even though he is older, they still seem interested in each other.
Addy’s Note: Jake aged up after the dance, so I was surprised when he called her for a date. The only romantic action they have is “take a romantic picture together”. The relationship panel shows that he has a girlfriend, Jessica Willow, but after their date he became single again.

Mercy manages to get home without anybody noticing that she is breaking curfew. Whew!

Even the mail carrier seems irritated by the frequent rains.

The girls are determined to not let the rain ruin their Love Day.

Everybody gathers for a family portrait before going their separate ways.

Euan finishes teaching Felicity how to drive.

Patience is trying to teach Mercy, but both return home stressed out.

Charity invites Dany over to thank him for the lovely gift and he tells her that he thinks she is sweet.

Even though he is older, it’s obvious that she likes him too.

Friday rolls around and the boys aren’t in a hurry to head off to school.

Heavy rain hits the roof and lightning strikes too close for comfort!

Charity grumbles to a friend that it is too heavy to enjoy being outdoors.

The rain ends later in the day.

Patience & Euan leave the house and work on commissioned street art.

Patience arrives home in time to see Charity leave for another school dance.

Dany happens to be passing by and Charity is pleased to see him take a second look.

Her sisters arrive as soon as they get off work.

Charity is crowned Queen of this dance and while Felicity is happy for her sister, she wishes there was one more dance before they graduate.

More fights and being denied for dances seems to be on par for these girls. They are happy their parents aren’t chaperones or they’d risk being sent home early.

Maybe they should listen to that inner voice of reason.

Mercy tries another driving lesson on Saturday, but both get stressed out again.

Euan finishes another long shift at work and realizes that he had forgotten that today is his birthday.

He seeks out Patience for a private chat and lets her know that his supervisor expects him to work hard every shift or his performance will go down. He can’t keep up this pace for long and is afraid of getting fired again.

It’s music to his ears when Patience tells him that they will be fine without that income and should be able to weather most storms.

A tired, but happy Euan calls and quits his job!

Throughout the week, lots of changes occurred in and around their home. Landscaping adds splashes of colors and a bit of curb appeal. Speaking of curb, a second car was purchased. A third bathroom was added upstairs. The garden is extended with pavers added so dirt doesn’t track into the house so easily. A portable Gnubb game painted in their favorite colors provides a bit of outdoor fun when the weather is nice. Their old dining table is sold and a newer one (with a couple of extensions) is purchased along with more chairs so the family can dine together. You can see the painting that Dany Shue sent Charity. The bookcase was dismantled to make this more open version and a TV was purchased. If nothing good is on TV, Sims can opt to play chess. Euan proudly hangs a piece of his own artwork. The main living room wall gets filled with family portraits. Changes are easily seen in the kitchen, too. Finally, a small deck is added off the dining room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whew! So much has happened this week and more is sure to occur in Week FIVE!!!

7 thoughts on “NRfP: Week FOUR

  1. The girls were lovely at both their proms! It looked a bit funny when Mercy tried to kiss Jake even though he wasn’t her height (btw very fitting for today, maybe Jake realized that it was really Mercy who deserved to be his valentine). Gotta love those Simmies and their odds. There are a few teen-adult poses, too, but everything is better than enabled interactions that look exactly like that…
    Oh, did Euan work at the cemetery? If so, then I can totally get why Patience would be so eager for him to quit – the smell doesn’t seem appealing, LOL. But she is, uh, patient, right?

    • Thanks, I thought so too. Feels strange playing Sims that don’t have boyfriends or get one while at the dance.

      I think Jake likes Mercy even though she is now too young for him. Time will tell if they get together or not. I know nothing about poses or how to use them, but might want to consider learning about them at some point.

      He did. SamelaRita wrote a lovely beginning story which explained how he took that particular job. Ever since he earned the top level, at the cemetery the game shows his performance going down if he isn’t using the “work hard” tone. Highly annoying. I figure it is time for him to focus on his painting as well as his family.

      Yes, Patience is a fountain of patience 😉

  2. You did a fantastic job decorating! I especially love the kitchen! I see the proms are never boring, catfights happen a lot, it happened to one of my Sims.. I am glad that Charity has found a cute potential boyfriend.. Euan made a good decision quitting his job.. He can devote time to being creative which is what he is best at! Great story telling! I wonder how you were able to get a screenshot of the inside of the bus..

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