No Room for Phailure

Week ONE

Life is like a story. There are rules to follow and a background story to introduce you to the “characters”, but the bulk of the story develops over time and the ending hasn’t been decided at the very start. Or has it?

The neighbors are happy to see sims move into 5 Spruce Street (Hidden Springs) and hope that this eyesore gets fixed up. The sooner the better!

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Euan and Patience realize that it is going to take a lot of creative thinking and elbow grease to make this rough gem sparkle again.

This area would make a nice starter garden.

Euan tried to move the fencing from the back corner but discovered that it was too warped and rotted to be of any use. The new fencing looks nice but will be painted at some point since white shows wear and tear more quickly than other colors.

Euan spent the rest of the day removing graffiti but didn’t appreciate the Sim U mascot making snarky comments during his “visit”.

“Go home, squid for brains, no one invited you!” Euan thought and continued whistling while he worked.

Meanwhile …


Patience quickly learns that dumpster diving is a disgusting way to earn simoleons.

She did find a nice couch and some gems/metals that more than made up for the stench and nausea.

There could be another reason for her tummy troubles.

Patience discovers a sweeter smelling way to make money.

Euan sells paintings while waiting for his garden to grow and become yet another source of much-needed income.

Patience isn’t sure which is worse … needing to unclog a toilet or going into labor at the exact moment she reaches for the plunger.
Addy’s Note: Surprise! SamelaRita made sure that the family grew sooner rather than later.

“Hurry up, Euan!”

Patience and Euan discover that while living on the outskirts of Hidden Springs is nice (less expensive & lovely views), it takes longer to get to places like the hospital.

Their cozy little home is about to get noisier and more crowded.


The triplets become toddlers on Thursday (Leisure Day) and that’s when things get busier than before.

Euan and Patience continue taking turns venturing outside so neither gets stir crazy from being housebound for days on end.

What a difference one week makes!
The McPhail family increases from 2 sims to 5.
Dumpster diving has “gifted” them a few decent pieces of furniture.
However, the most noticeable differences can be seen inside the house.

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More changes to come in Week TWO!!!

15 thoughts on “No Room for Phailure

    • Triplets definitely keep you on your toes in this game! Euan and Patience are learning to do with less (less sleep, less time for themselves alone or as a couple) but are focused on giving their girls a good life in a loving home.

      Picking names was easy because I carried on with the virtue name theme from their mother.

    • I ❤ playing around with color palettes 🙂 Been trying to use the favorite colors each sim has, but hot pink is difficult to pair & look good (not neon!) so I think Patience might have to be patient a while longer.

      It's funny … I've seen slideshows before, but didn't think to figure them out (super simple!) until I saw GranMamaD's stories.

    • Thanks! I wish I had figured out how to do this before now, but am happy I now know 🙂

      The dumpsters provide usable things, but salvaging things not so much unless … you use a mod. For this challenge, I won’t but might incorporate it elsewhere.

  1. Awesome story telling! Wow triplets, they really have their hands full.. I like the way SamelaRita does her renovacy houses, really realistic! I also left you a comment on the background story Addy, which I enjoyed reading! It listed me as unknown for some reason..

    • Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun with them & think it comes across in my writing.

      Yes, they do! This is my second time having triplets (Snyder family Gen 4 children) so I’m not the most savvy on raising multiples.

      SamelaRita’s Reno stories are amazing! So much attention to detail. The background story is hers not mine so I’m not sure why it would list you as unknown. Probably something to do with it being blogspot?

      • Sorry for the late reply.. I haven’t done a reno story myself, they do look like a lot of fun! I might some time later this year.. I am still trying to finish my latest world.. Surprises keep popping up and I want to get it right..

        I have to read one of SamelaRita’s Reno Stories sometime.. I really enjoyed reading yours.. Today I finally had sometime to do some reading.. Believe it or not a couple of my Sims are starting to have a family now.. I guess, since my play style is more about testing builds or owning multiple business, relationships tend to go to the wayside..

      • No need to apologize.

        Should you find time, I definitely encourage you to give any of the many reno variations a try. I’ve completed two now and they are so much fun!! Am plotting/planning to do another when I finish with the daycare story I’m currently working on.

        Hope your CAW goes well! I admire those who take the time and make these. Be sure to let me know where to find yours when it’s done. 🙂

        Thanks. SamelaRita’s stories are sooo good and well worth taking the time to read/enjoy 😀

        Congratulations on adding to your sim household. I know what you mean … a lot of my stories tend to take place at the home lot because I’m too busy tending their lives and often forget to have them go elsewhere, lol … my sims must hate me for this! I really need to get better about this.

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