More Presents! Plus a VERY Special One!

More wedding gifts from the family arrive in the mail.
Wedding Gift from NikkiWedding Gift from Zach
Addy’s Note: Both Nichol and Zach have sent gifts from the great beyond. It will be interesting to note if this continues to happen with future generations.

Time passes as Reiley and Alice ready themselves for parenthood. It amazes and amuses both of them to no end that they are reading the same pregnancy books that Zach and Nichol, then Kayla and Jeremey thumbed through.

Why… these books are older than they are!
Getting Ready

Story Progression Update:
Monica, Jeremey’s sister, and Kain got married. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Crosby!!!
Raheem Blackwell and Nikki Snyder-Parrott are now going steady.

Rosaleen Snyder is dating Terrell Kouadio.
Lynda Snyder-Parrott celebrates a Birthday and is heading off to high school.

Also on Sunday…

Alice goes into labor! She feels like she is going to give birth to a football player as the pain is rather intense.
Gen 4 is coming!

Reiley offers to take Alice to the hospital and isn’t surprised to find her behind the wheel because he recalled his Mom saying she did the same thing. Apparently the women are just as anxious as the men to get labor over and done with.
To Hospital

It has certainly been a cold Spring thus far and the snow is as deep as it was in Winter. No one is outside the hospital frolicking in the snow or otherwise slowing down their getting to the sign-in station.
Checking In
NathanChecking OutChecking Out2

Arriving home with his lovely wife and healthy son, Reiley feels like he is the biggest winner around!
We have a Winner

It was late in the evening when Alice went into labor so they don’t expect anyone to be up when they arrive back at home. Alice quietly tucks the blanket around Nate and the two tired but very happy parents head off to bed.

The next morning Grandpa Jeremey is the first one awake and ready to take care of Nate’s needs… just like Grandpa Zach was!
Proud Grandpa

As Jeremey shares the happy news with Kayla, he is pleasantly surprised when she mentions going shopping for a new teddy bear before he could.

Nichol really seems to enjoy the rocker they purchased and placed in her old bedroom.
Addy’s Note: I was surprised to see Nichol head to the rocker as she always spends the majority of her up-and-about time either working on her athletic or martial arts skill. Seeing her made me wish I had thought to purchase a rocker sooner so she could rock her grandson, Reiley, when he was a baby because she won’t be able to do so with her great-grandson, Nate. How sad.

It isn’t long before Nate’s birthday arrives and…

He leaves his blue blanket

Nathan ToddlerNathan Toddler2
Addy’s Note: I was a bit surprised that Nate didn’t have the red hair color that I had come to associate with the heirs, but that is okay as he is such a cutie!

Story Progression Update:
Lynda Snyder-Parrott is now dating Darrell Bagley.
Aiden Jones, Jeremey’s Dad, has passed on.

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6 thoughts on “More Presents! Plus a VERY Special One!

    • Whether it is a glitch or an unusual feature, it sure was surprising to see these gifts. It will be interesting to see if more happen with future generations or if this is was purely random.

    • I’m sure it would be really hard to concentrate with those sharp periodic pains. I know I certainly wasn’t in any condition to drive when it was my turn.

      As for the game, Reiley had the option to take Alice to the hospital, but the game had her drive. The game still manages to surprise me with things it does, hence why I keep on playing and enjoying it!

    • Not sure if ghosts giving gifts is an anomaly or not, but it’s nice getting items to keep or sell.

      Thanks! Nate sure is a cutie even if he didn’t have red hair. Yes, I’ll admit that I was sad to see another thing from the founders gone. Witch ~ only Zach. Pointed ears ~ Nichol, Nikki and Kayla, Rosie. Red Hair ~ Zach, Kayla, Reiley. Don’t think I forgot any since I am only counting active household and not extended family.

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