More Chaotic Fun

Raising triplets is three times the fun, but the workload is multiplied because everything falls around the same time ~ as soon as one is hungry, they’re all hungry! Add in learning to talk and walk plus toilet training… you can easily see why Nate & Alice are so happy that Grandpa Reiley & Grandma Alice are around to lend helping hands!

Kristy realizes that things are about to get even busier in the Snyder household… Pregnant

… and goes to let Nate know that she is pregnant again. Pregnant2

Kristy: “Nate, honey, remember the night that you proposed? We talked about our future together and you mentioned wanting a large family. You said you’d like to have four kids…”

Nate: “Uh hunh…”

Kristy: “…Well… I’m pregnant again!”

Nate: “That’s wonderful news! I think we’ll avoid kids music and kids TV because we don’t want to chance having twins or perhaps another set of triplets. I love my girls, but yikes! That many would be sheer madness!!!”

Time for a new family portrait!

Spring Photo

Story Progression Update:
Lynda SP-Bagley celebrates a birthday and is an Adult now!
Kurtis Burnette asked Kasey Snyder-Parrott to marry him!
Renae SP-Bagley celebrates a birthday and is a Teen now!
Darrell SP-Bagley celebrates a birthday and is an Adult now!

The next day… more Story Progression Updates!

Dorian Snyder-Parrott finally got the hint! He married his girlfriend, Nikole.
Oh…? They had a shotgun wedding due to a baby on the way.
Their son, Rod, is going to be a big brother!

Kurtis Burnette married Kasey. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SP-Burnette!

Anderson and Rosie seem to be having trouble with their relationship (those on-again off-again messages keep popping up) so Reiley invited them over to see what he could do to help out his younger sister and her fellow.


Apparently Anderson works long hours at the festival and most likely has been volunteering at the kissing booth. Whatever happened went beyond the scope of his job description and broke Rosie’s heart when she found out.

Reiley decides to take her mind off of things… Betrayal2

… and it seemed to work because she was able to go home in a happier mood!

Later that night, Kristy abruptly woke up from her nap… Labor

… and drove herself and Nate to the hospital for another smooth delivery.


Not sure who is happier…

Proud Papa Nate Labor2


Gleeful Grandpa Reiley. Labor3

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